Every year, I take Lent more seriously because usually this is the time when I'd grow spiritually and mentally prepare for Easter. Today is Ash Wednesday which marks the beginning of Lent, some 40+ days between now until Easter comes. I abstain from meat every Friday starting now until Easter. 

My kids are too little to start fasting and abstaining but to tell you the truth, the abstaining from meat part comes easy to them because they don't like to eat meat anyway! We're Episcopalian and Lent is celebrated very similarly to Catholics. Ash Wednesday is when you get ashes on your forehead by the priest. Unfortunately, I can't attend a service tonight because of a couple obligations but I'll still practice fasting and abstaining from meat. 

I didn't eat a meal until noon today and won't have any meat. For lunch, when I finally broke my fast, I ate salmon with sauteed veggies. I still got hungry, so I ate some instant noodles shortly after that too! For dinner, I'll probably end up just eating a boiled sweet potato and some tea. 

It's 4:27PM at the moment and my stomach is already growling but my focus is still clear. That is the power of abstaining and fasting. You find clarity when you're not distracted with the satiety of food. 

Tomorrow, (Thursday) I'll get to eat meat again and then on Friday, it's back to abstaining from meat and I'll probably follow the ritual of fasting until noon on every Friday until Easter. 

By the way, random fact, McDonald's Fish Filet sandwiches sales are always up during Lent and it's always been like that for them!