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Drop Offs for Kids For Date Night in San Luis Obispo County

Posted by San Luis Obispo Mom on Friday, August 25, 2023 Under: For Kids
As a transplant and not having any family around, we've attempted to find a babysitter before for date nights. When the kids were babies and toddlers, we were lucky if we had a date once or twice a year! As they've gotten older, it's been much easier and more fun for our kids to use local organizations for Kids Night Out or Parents Night Out as a chance to have a date night. Here are some options in San Luis Obispo County:
  1. Central Coast Gymnastics - Every month, Central Coast Gymnastics in San Luis Obispo has a Kids Night Out for one evening. They have the schedule up on their website:

    You get a discount if the kids are members and are already taking classes there. However, non-members can also participate as well. My kids have gone there for Kids Night Out and they'd have a lot of fun. Pizza is included. They separate the children into little kids and big kids groups. (2023 Update: As a mom, I want to caution you about this place so I recommend googling "Central Coast Gymnastics" under the News section as something happened earlier this year in 2023. Please do some research, then make your decision.) Address: 21 Zaca Lane, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
  2. Pacific Flips Gymnastics - Every once in awhile, Pacific Flips Gymnastics in Grover Beach hosts a Pajamanastics for a weekend evening. They get to wear their pajamas and have fun jumping and moving around. It's a pretty good deal and siblings get a discount. You drop them off, they have fun with other kids and pizza is included.

    Their location is close to a lot of restaurants in Grover Beach and Pismo Beach so it's a great place to drop the kids off to dine in the Grover Beach and Pismo Beach areas. They typically announce the next Pajamanastics event date to those who have already signed up for their newsletter but you can read more details about Pajamastics on their website: Address: 998 Huston St. Suite E, Grover Beach, CA 93433
  3. Legacy Training Center in San Luis Obispo has monthly Parents Night Out events that has a schedule for the rest of the year. Members and non-members can sign their kids up for this. The kids have to be between 4 - 17 years old. Here's their schedule: Address: 4725 Allene Way, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
  4. Hop's Bounce House in Atascadero hosts a monthly Hop-N-Glow night with a drop off option but it's less than 3 hours so you might want to consider going somewhere else if you're hoping for a longer duration like one of the gymnastics places. They typically just post their next Hop-N-Glow night dates on their Facebook: Address: 5805 El Camino Real Suite A Atascadero CA, 93422
  5. Local Churches - Local Churches would occasionally have Kids Night Out or Parents Night Out events. Sometimes they don't promote it on social media so you'd have to ask one of the leaders.
  6. City of Morro Bay - The City of Morro Bay Recreation Services is active and would plan events and also Kids' Night Out as well. The next one coming up is posted on their City of Morro Bay Recreation Services Facebook page for ages 3 years old through 12 years old. You have to register ahead of time to pay only $20 per child. If you walk in, it would be $30. It includes dinner, craft games and child care.
  7. City of Arroyo Grande - In the past, the City of Arroyo Grande would have Parents Night Out for only $25 a kid. However, it seems that they don't have any upcoming dates or may have temporarily put it on hold. If your kids have been to their preschool there at the Elm Street Park building, they would already be used to the room so that is helpful. If they have upcoming dates, you would see it under the Childcare category of the City of Arroyo Grande's Recreation catalog. Address: 1221 Ash St, Arroyo Grande, CA 93420
  8. Paso Robles Sports Club - In the past, Paso Robles Sports Club would have Kids Night Out. I'm not sure if it's member's only but if you're already a member there, you could get notifications of their upcoming events. Address: 2975 Union Road, Paso Robles, CA 93446
  9. Kennedy Club Fitness - Kennedy Club Fitness has multiple locations in San Luis Obispo County and would often post their upcoming Kids Night Out events on their Facebook page: For December, they had 3 different dates for Kids Night Out!

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