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The Movie Experience Movie Theater Date in Downtown San Luis Obispo (SLO)

Posted by San Luis Obispo Mom on Wednesday, June 21, 2023 Under: Romantic
We had a movie date over the weekend in Downtown San Luis Obispo Obispo at The Movie Experience, also known as Downtown Centre Cinemas. It's centrally located and is part of a big shopping complex. 
Movie Theater in San Luis Obispo
What made this date stood apart from the rest was that I had an awesome dinner while we were watching the movie in the movie theater and my dinner is not hot dogs and popcorn. The movie theater doesn't blatantly say you can bring your own food and drinks to the movie theater, but it also doesn't say you can't. So, I ordered a California Burrito (that's my awesome dinner) from San Luis Taqueria online and picked it up 45 minutes later. We had already bought tickets online for a movie at 6PM at the Downtown San Luis Obispo movie theater called The Movie Experience. San Luis Taqueria is only a block walk away from The Movie Experience, so we stopped in there really quick to pick up my burrito and then made our walk to the theater. I walked in there with the to-go bag in my hand and there were no questions asked.
San Luis Taqueria Burrito
I'm originally from San Diego and that is where the California Burrito was first created so I'm so happy that now, California Burritos can be found practically in every major city in California. San Luis Taqueria did it justice. It had the fries, the carne asada, sour cream, quacamole, pico de gallo and all the flavors wrapped tight in a very authentic tortilla. I made sure to get a small container of salsa from the salsa bar before I left the place when I picked up my burrito because without the salsa, it would not be complete! I devoured that burrito while watching the first half of the The Flash.

The Movie Experience (interesting name with no many unintentional puns when I talk about it) is not a large cinema but it has the best location that's smack in the middle of Downtown San Luis Obispo so there are many places to walk to before and after the movie. I really enjoyed my movie experience there. Now, some of the seats are kind of torn but our seats reclined! This is the first movie theater where I sat in reclined seats so this was treat! The first few rows are reclined seats that you can pick from the chart when you buy your tickets.

After the movie was over, we decided to have a night cap before the night was over so we stopped in Eureka! I ordered the Farmers' Market Cocktail and thought my actual drink looked even better than what they had pictured at their bar. See the photo that I took of my drink below.
Eureka San Luis Obispo
Eureka! (exclamation point intended as that is their actual place name) is only a block away from the movie theater and one block from where we parked so it was perfect. When we parked at the Marsh Street Parking Structure, we picked up our parking ticket from the machine as entered in. However, when we left, the gate out was all open so we didn't have to pay for our way out for some reason! Surprising, we had free parking that night! 
Parking Structure in Downtown San Luis Obispo
I highly recommend parking there if you're planning on going to the movie theater in downtown. It may not be free every night but it's so close and convenient.
Downtown San Luis Obispo
If you'd like to map our adventure and see how amazingly close these places are from each other (about 1 block from each other!), here are the addresses of the places we went on our movie date night below:

Marsh Street Parking Structure: 871 Marsh St., San Luis Obispo Obispo, CA 93401

San Luis Taqueria: 1032 Chorro St, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

The Movie Experience (Downtown Centre Cinemas): 888 Marsh St, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

Eureka!: 1141 Chorro St, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

See my YouTube Short from this movie date night is below. It's a vibe. 

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