SLO Public Market Restaurants Reviews

Located in San Luis Obispo, California, SLO Public Market is a casual family-friendly public market with indoor and outdoor space lined with many restaurants to pick from, a kids play area on the second floor and seasonal events throughout the year. They have free wifi throughout the main building so you can come here and work remotely. I've also tried a few of their restaurants. Keep scrolling to see my reviews.

Places That I've Tried at SLO Public Market


Located on the first floor of SLO Public Market's main building, this Thai restaurant has a nice condensed menu. I've tried literally every entree. They do have new stuff on the menu. The Thai food here is great in quality and taste every once in awhile. I recommend the pad see ew, pad thai and thai fried rice.

You order at the counter, pay and then they will text you when your order is ready. While we'd wait for our food, we'd go to the kid's play area upstairs so the kids can play while we wait. This is all very convenient for us. If you're on a mobile phone, scroll down to see the picture of the kids play area at SLO Public Market.

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Bing's Bao Buns

Located on the first floor of SLO Public Market, Bing's Bao Buns was the first place that got my attention when I visited SLO Public Market for the first time. However, by the time I got to their counter, their buns were all sold out! After a year, I've finally been able to get there early enough to order a set of 3 Blue Crabby baos and I was so happy! It is pricey but it was well worth it! They always have a vegetarian option as well. 

A few months later, I came back to the SLO Public Market and tried the kim chi fried rice with both mushrooms and chicken at Bing's Bao Buns! It's worth the money! I took it to-go and enjoyed it at home. They put an egg on the top!

Sequel Boba Pop Up

Sequel sells boba and at one time, they had a pop up at SLO Public Market where Bings Bao Buns usually is. I was able to enjoy a very nice boba drink on the house because they were having a Mother's Day special. I look forward to visiting the SLO Public Market when they have special events like this. 

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Kraken Coffee Co

There is a a neatly themed coffee shop at SLO Public Market called Kraken Coffee Co that's named after an octopus-like creature. They have free wi-fi available for use while you're a customer with several tables for easy plug in. If you are drinking a latte there and plan on hanging out for awhile, ask them to put it in a mug so you can enjoy their latte art. Otherwise, they'll just put it in a white to-go cup. See my video reel of IG of my visit here at Kraken.

Kids Play Area at SLO Public Market

Upstairs, in the main building of SLO Public Market is a free kids play area. These are toys that you can use while you're dining there. There's a lot of tables and chairs upstairs for you to enjoy your food while you're with little ones, which always makes ita better dining experience for me as a mom with two kids. 

SLO Public Market Address: 3845 S Higuera St., San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

Upcoming Event at SLO Market:

May 11, 2024 (Sat) - AAPI SLO Festival at SLO Public Market from 12PM - 3PM. Come support local AAPI businesses ranging from a diverse selection of AAPI delicious foods, beautiful art and jewelry, and exciting interactive performances! There will be a lion dance performance. Address: 3845 S Higuera St., San Luis Obispo CA, 93401

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