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Exploration Discovery Center Review and Pictures in Grover Beach

Posted by San Luis Obispo Mom on Saturday, August 7, 2021 Under: For Kids
We visited the Exploration Discovery Center in Grover Beach on their opening day today! Here are some pictures from our visit below.

After I picked my kids up from summer day camp, I asked them if they're up for exploring a new place today. I showed them pictures that the Exploration Discovery Center posted on their social media and website and the kids decided to go, judging from the posted pictures. When we got there, there were more things to do than expected!

Immediately upon entry, there is an office area but when you turn left, that's where you'll enter the main play rooms. We started out with playing veterinarian with stuffed animals. It was well set up with even a pretend X-ray viewing machine!

Then, we moved onto the grocery area where one kid pretended to be the clerk and the other was the customer. They really took it seriously and put play food in their tiny shopping cart. Then, they checked out with the pretend scanner and bagged the groceries. We put things back when we're done playing and then moved onto the science area.

The science room had a lot of different toys to use to build! My sons really loved this area and we spent a good amount of time in here before moving into another science room with rocks and fossils. We circled back and went back to the previous science room to play with some toys in their wet play area outside! They provided aprons for kids to use if they wanted to minimize getting their clothes wet!

After playing outside for a bit, we went back inside and decided to play pretend cooking at their diner and kitchen area!

By this time, I was very impressed with the Exploration Discovery Center. There's a lot to do! But wait, we haven't gone to the outside play area in the back yet! We've only explored in the front outdoor area. So, we made our way to the back and wow, there's a garden play area, musical instruments area, real turtles, fishes and geese!

This was a sweet surprise to us. There was also a pyramid with a mummy inside. I didn't take a picture of that so you'll have to see it for yourself!

This place is great for preschoolers and little kids and my kids really enjoyed it. They also have a birthday package so that's a nice thing for locals to have another option to plan birthday parties.

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