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Avila Valley Barn Review & Pictures - Free Visit to See Farm Animals

Posted by on Tuesday, April 16, 2019 Under: Farms
The best part about Avila Valley Barn is that it's free to visit the farm animals here! There are dozens and dozens of goats! There are also chickens, ponies, cows, sheep and other animals! You can buy some lettuce to feed at their store to feed the the goats and this made it a very wonderful experience for the kids. 

We also took advantage of their pony ride, extra fee, for the kids. It's a short ride but my 2 year old thoroughly enjoyed every second of it! 

If you're hungry, you can also buy some bbq like a tri-tip sandwich, hot dog, etc. I was curious after I have bought my tri-tip sandwich if the chips and drink were supposed to come with it, because I didn't grab them. It wasn't clearly stated on the menu so double check if you're wondering as well. They also have an ice cream shop on property. 

There are also a lot of baked goods and fresh produce inside of the market. The line to buy can get really long unexpectedly and it could be 30 minutes later that there's no one in line at all. It's like they come in waves. During the fall season, they'll have pumpkins and a fun fall backdrop for a nice photo opportunity with your family! See pictures that I took during my visit at Avila Valley Barn in October below or go to my instagram reel to see a video of my pumpkin patch visit at Avila Valley Barn.

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Avila Valley Barn is so kid-friendly and fun! We can't wait to come back again. Address of Avila Valley Barn: 560 Avila Beach Dr, San Luis Obispo, CA 93405

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