The first time that I had attempted to take my kids to the San Luis Obispo Library in downtown San Luis Obispo, I was really intimidated. As we arrived, I realized that there's not a guaranteed parking area designated for the library like the other libraries in the county have.

In downtown, there were metered parking spots along the streets but during the day, those are all usually taken. There were also parking structures all around but only the first hour is free. At least the 2 that I saw nearby were like that. If you're only planning on being there for a quick hour or less, I think that's okay. But towing 2 kids down a couple flights of stairs from the parking structure and then walking along the busy road with them seemed daunting.

Then I realized it was only 53 degrees as I walked outside and attempted to unbuckle the car seats for both of my kids. The walk would have been miserable for them from the parking structure all the way down to the street of the library in such cold wintry weather. So, I climbed back to the driver's seat and drove us out of the parking structure and went home. I know, what a waste of time!

However, today, we did it! We visited the San Luis Obispo Library.

It wasn't planned but since we were already walking around downtown as a family (my husband had a day off), we decided to stop in before we went home. The kid's section is on the second floor.

There are 2 main areas for the little ones: one near the restrooms with play food, legos, and other toys and the other one is the reading side with nice, comfy pillows.

We were there at the library for at least an hour. The little ones had fun playing with the toys there and learning to play educational games on the computers. I'm not sure if we can make this location a regular visit because there are so many other libraries in the county that have an easier parking situation but if we're in downtown for a special event, we'd consider stopping in.

Address of San Luis Obispo Library: 995 Palm St, San Luis Obispo, CA 93403

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