Favorite Items

Now with the internet, it's so easy for moms to buy toys, decorations, accessories and clothes without leaving the house. Here are some of the favorite things on our list.
Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot Soup Base Variety Value Package (Two Packs, Hot + Plain)

When we used to live on the East Coast, Mongolian retaurants were almost non-existent and we'd miss eating hot pot. We learned that you can buy these Little Sheep brand Hot Pot mixes from Amazon and the broth tastes the same. Remember to dilute water according to taste. I only use half of the contents each time per ying yang hot pot side, otherwise it would be too salty. 

For the Kids

This is similar (or maybe even the exact) to the pig puppet that SanLuisObispoMom.com played with on the video posted on Instagram and Pinterest.
Treasure X Alien

You actually dissect the alien and find characters inside of the Treasure x Alien toys! Our boys really enjoyed this toy but I had to do a lot of helping with opening up the alien with the plastic knife they provided. There's a lot of slime inside so it does require some cleaning afterwards. However, the kids really enjoyed the dissection process and would take the parts apart and but them back together again.

I always worry about my kids not getting enough nutrients because they are light eaters. We started out with vanilla flavor pediasure and then once they got introduced to chocolate flavor pediasure by accident, they now only drink chocolate pediasure. I always mix half pediasure and half white milk in a cup for them. They seldomly drink it without some white milk because it is just too sweet. This way I know they are getting enough protein, dozens of minerals and other nutrients. Lucky for me, both my kids like to drink them. Sometimes it's cheaper on walmart.com versus Amazon so compare the prices before you buy.

I always have a tube of Neosporin in my diaper bag and one in the bathroom and also one in the kitchen. The kids get cuts and scapes while we're out and about and instead of buying a large tube, I always get the smaller sizes. I know it is more expensive by volume if I buy them in small sizes but they are more practical for me to carry when they are small. Also, did you know they also have an expiration date?

For Moms

This is the identical BTS sweatshirt that @SanLuisObispoMom wore on Instagram. Love Yourself.

I like to blend my own acai bowl or smoothie at home using a frozen packet of acai that I'd find in the freezer section of a grocery store but if you have a hard time finding them frozen in your location, you can actually order the powder acai online. Acai is a superfood and in powder form, you can also pack them for travel. See @sanluisobispomom instagram for inspiration on acai bowls made at home.
Coach Belt Bag

This is the same belt bag from Coach that @sanluisobispomom carried at a family wedding. It comes with a black belt that you can attach or remove.

If you are a local to San Luis Obispo area, there is a Coach Outlet store at Pismo Beach Outlets and I've spotted this exact belt bag there before. I don't know if they'll always have this there as a surplus but if you really like it and live faraway, your best bet is online.
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