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Picking Up a Lemon Coconut Cake From Madonna Inn

Posted by San Luis Obispo Mom on Friday, April 15, 2022 Under: Madonna Inn
This weekend is going to be a very eventful Easter weekend with my husband's birthday tomorrow and Easter happening on the following day.

I had put in an order for a small Lemon Coconut Cake at the Madonna Inn online a month ago for pick up today at 11AM. I had a few things to do today so I decided to pick up the cake last to avoid any melting frosting. 

First, I went to Ross, a block away from Madonna Inn, to pick up some small chocolate bunnies as it is Easter Day on Sunday and I still need to fill up some plastic eggs for an egg hunt at home. 

Then, I went to Buffalo Wild Wings, located in the shopping center next to Ross, to order 30 wings for take out. They said it was going to take 15 minutes for them to be ready so I walked over to Sprouts across the way to pick up some sushi to eat for those 15 minutes in their eating area. One thing that I want to note is that I prefer to order wings directly from Buffalo Wild Wings in person or on the phone versus online because the waiting time is noted less when I order it in person. I was already in the area so walking in to order was convenient for me. Remind them to include the carrots and celery! (This is now an extra cost at Buffalo Wild Wings but at the time the carrots and celery were complimentary with my order.) Wings is going to be my dinner tonight!

After picking up the 30 wings, I drove a couple blocks over to Madonna Inn to pick up my cake. I always love seeing the Tesla Charging area here as you enter the Madonna Inn property as it's like a fun display of a Tesla auto show. Today, it was particularly busy so I saw at least 20 Teslas being charged. 

Then, I parked my car on the second row from the Copper Cafe at Madonna Inn and there were a couple of people sitting outside so I knew it's going to be really busy inside, plus some schools are on Spring Break already. Madonna Inn is a top tourist spot and as a local, I love coming here too for their wonderful cakes. I went inside and people were walking around and exploring. The place was very busy with diners eating breakfast/lunch. It was around 11:40AM when I finally got inside after running a few errands. There was a line of 3 groups behind the bakery so I made my way to the end of it. I overheard someone wanting to order a cake and a Madonna Inn team member said their orders are full for cakes today so they were out of luck. Remember to order cakes online ahead of time if you know you want one from Madonna inn! I always order online at least 2 weeks ahead but usually, I do it a month ahead.

Since I was going to have to stay in that line for a little while, I couldn't help but eavesdrop the conversation the ladies were having in front of me about the shops inside the property. I chimed in and said there is a gift shop upstairs and she was excited to hear that and asked me where the stairs are. As a local I come here a lot so I knew and said it's past the EXIT sign in the back of the Copper Cafe and you'll see the stairs up immediately to the left. I also mentioned that even though there is hype about the basement restrooms downstairs, I actually prefer the restrooms right by the Copper Cafe that's closer to the entrance. It's much bigger.

After a few more minutes, a bakery chef asked the customers in front of me if they made an order. They didn't so the chef moved on to me and asked me if I had an order and to my delight of this expedited service, I said "yes" and showed my receipt on my phone. She asked me what time is pick-up and I said 11AM and since it was already around 11:45AM by this point, she was happy to get my Lemon Coconut Cake with my personalized birthday message to my husband. I watched her boxed it carefully. She walked it over to me and I happily accepted it with a "thank you". I walked out of the Copper Cafe at the Madonna Inn with my well-prepared cake order that's in their famous hot pink Madonna Inn box. I placed it carefully inside the cooler in the trunk of my car and still in a good mood, hit the highway and drove back home.

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Update: After hiding the cake in the fridge overnight, we were able to sing a "happy birthday" song and eat the Lemon Coconut Cake the next morning. Here's how it looks in the inside below. It was delicious!
 (Picture of the Lemon Coconut Cake ordered from Madonna Inn)

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