Earlier this month, my family decided to celebrate our son's birthday by planning a surprise staycation at the Madonna Inn!

Now that the stay-at-home order has been lifted and back to a tier level, we felt that our son deserved something extra special. He missed traveling like we used to do when things were more normal and had always enjoyed staying at hotels so when Madonna Inn was advertising their weekday specials, we took advantage of it! We stayed at the San Francisco Room. The walls and ceilings were burgundy! Not pictured here were also 2 twin-sized beds that were perfect for my sons. Those were closer to the bathrooms. Therefore, there were 3 beds inside of the San Francisco Room.
Madonna Inn San Francisco Room
We checked-in on a Sunday because it was my son's actual birthday and coincidentally, he had a school day off the following day because his school was closed for Lincoln's Birthday! We're grateful for the good timing. We also took advantage of their pool area as well! Even though it was a bit windy, the hot spa kept us comfortable.
pool at Madonna Inn
Walking towards the pool's pathway, we got to take a nice stroll around and see more of Madonna Inn's beautiful architecture. 
Madonna Inn architecture
As a guest here, parking at the hotel was free, which is so nice. Many cities don't have the luxury of not charging hotel guests for parking. There are so many perks for living here in SLO county; and for travelers as well.

We also ordered from the Copper Cafe, Madonna's Inn famous Cafe and Bakery, twice during our stay. Since it was such a short walk within the property, we would just order ahead on the phone for take out and then walk there to pick it up. We mentioned that it's my son's birthday night so they gave us a free dessert. My son loves chocolate so we went with the Black Forest slice of cake. It was delicious and definitely big enough to share! We blew candles earlier that morning from a whole cake so I think he was just caked out. He had a few bites and was done so my husband and I devoured the rest! 
Free birthday slice from Madonna Inn for birthday\Black Forest cake from Madonna Inn
We were being rebels and ate dinner on the bed of the San Francisco Room as a family. My husband also stopped by the cellar that was downstairs from Madonna Inn's restaurants to pick up a bottle of Madonna Inn wine for our dinner as well. I really love their logo.
 Madonna Inn wine
As always, I take the majority of the photos of our adventures so I'd steal a take from a mirror to prove that I was there, if I could. Peek a boo!

The next morning, we ordered breakfast to-go from the Copper Cafe and ate on the bed again. Their breakfast portions were huge, even the kid's portion! Then, we checked out and upon check out, they let us pick a postcard to keep for free. Of course, we picked the San Francisco Room postcard for keepsake.
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