Can this be true? The beautiful ocean, clean sand and peaceful setting of Pismo Beach makes one feel like they are in a dream. This is the epitome of the California dream and we're living in it. My kids and I took a stroll yesterday in PB "Pismo Beach" and here are the pictures I took from my regular Samsung phone, unedited. It is amazing here!

When I was living in San Diego, I would hear the Visit California commercial say "Where the mountains meet the sea" and here, in SLO, in Pismo Beach, they really do meet. It's incredible to finally see this after all of these years. 

The Pismo Beach Pier is very well kept. Strollers are allowed here on the pier and the wooden floors are not too bumpy for the strollers. I have a regular Graco double stroller, not a jogger, and it was a pleasant ride for my 2 toddler boys. 

The boardwalk from Pismo Beach Pier is also a nice stroll for the kids. Although the pier does not allow dogs on it, the boardwalk and beach are dog-friendly. 

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