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Oyster Loft in Pismo Beach Review by a Local

Posted by San Luis Obispo Mom on Sunday, January 2, 2022 Under: Restaurants
For one of our date nights, we ate at Oyster Loft in Pismo Beach! It's beachfront with a phenomenal view of the Pismo Beach Pier and ocean.

We didn't have reservations and just walked in around 5:20PM and luckily there was a table available. Once we were seated, it didn't take long for the other tables to fill up so I highly recommend making a reservation ahead of time! We were just lucky that they had room for us. 

Oyster Loft is located on the second story. It's a beautiful restaurant with one of the best views of the Pismo Beach Pier and beach at a restaurant. The prices are high so come ready knowing that you will spend a lot of money. However, the ambiance and delicious food made it worth it.

For the appetizer, we asked for grilled oysters.

Then, I had the scallops while my husband ordered an octopus dish.

The portions are not large so I'm glad we did order an appetizer. Next time, we might order two appetizers instead of just one. They had specialty cocktails that were definitely mixed by a pro.

It was a such a romantic and wonderful place. I used to rank Ventana Grill as the best place for seafood by the beach in the Pismo Beach area but Oyster Loft got them beat! My husband and I agreed that this place would only be a once in awhile, special occasion visit for us! They are only open for dinner.

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