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Tolosa Winery Edna Valley Review - San Luis Obispo

Posted by on Monday, August 5, 2019 Under: Wineries
Tolosa Winery Edna Valley
Wineries and San Luis Obispo county go hand in hand. If you're a wine enthusiast, you're definitely in for a treat when you visit SLO! The wine culture here is amazing, relaxed and friendly.

One of our first favorite wineries as a local was Tolosa Winery. As you drive towards the tasting room from their road, the vineyards engulf you as you continue towards the parking lot. Here's the video that I took (non-edited and not a boomerang-type effect) from our drive from entering the road.

I've been to this winery more than a dozen of times and have taken 3 different groups of friends for tastings, since we get 4 free tastings with each visit as a wine club member. A bonus for wine tasting here is there are a couple EV (Electric Vehicle) charging stations in their parking lot so this is a very convenient place for electric vehicles.

Usually when we visit Tolosa Winery, there is a host or hostess in front of the double doors outside to greet you and take your name down. When it's during the week in the slower season, we may not see a host but once entering the tasting room, there's someone who greet you. 

Compared to Napa Valley, the tasting cost and experience here in Edna Valley, and specifically Tolosa Winery, are truly a comparable choice. There is also still a lot of pride in winemaking and delivering a good wine tasting experience here. They also have a sister property called Alpha Omega Winery and there's a tasting room in Paso Robles. 

The Tolosa Winery staff there is friendly but I do have two favorite attendants and they are Jeremy and Karl.The chardonnays are refreshing and the pinot noirs are full of body and teasing to the tastebuds. They only serve dry wines here so if you're into sweet wine, this may not be the place for you!

Their pinot noir is still my number one favorite among my tasting list right now. 

If you're tasting inside their tasting room, don't forget to walk go outside near the patio area to enjoy the pretty vineyards view with the mountain backdrop to take a picture for memories. However, I recommend sitting outside in the patio if the weather is nice because you can see airplanes passing by overhead.

During the week days when it is not tourist season, you can have a much quieter tasting experience. Here is my video clip below of a tasting during the week day that you can view it easily on this instagram video reel (video of Tolosa).

I've seen others brought their kids and set out picnics out here. However, in order to enjoy the picnic that you brought, you have to sit in their picnic area and order bottle service. Call them to check on their rules to make sure their policies haven't change. Address of Tolosa Winery: 4910 Edna Rd, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

Wine Club Members Only Tasting Room at Tolosa Winery

The members only indoor tasting room for Tolosa Winery wine club members is called the Primera Room and it's only open on the weekends from Friday - Sunday.

We took advantage of this perk one time so far as we've become wine club members here off-and-on over the years. Sometimes the weather is just so nice and it's great to enjoy the weather by siting outside. However, if you can come during a weekend, it is worth checking out. You'll feel the extra special service by tasting some straight from the barrel samples. Furthermore, the view of the hills and valleys is just so beautiful.

See a video collage of our visit at Tolosa Winery in the Barrel Room.

See my top 10 favorite local wineries in Edna Valley and Paso Robles. The milder weather here, proximity to local things to do and the people make The Edna Valley San Luis Obispo wine tasting experience so special. 

Edna Valley is located in San Luis Obispo, California and not just San Luis Obispo County but actually in San Luis Obispo, California city area; and near the airport! Their central location also makes it wonderfully close to downtown, the beach areas and with the best weather! And in Edna Valley, there are over a dozen different wineries! You're not going to get scorching hot summer weather like Paso Robles (also in San Luis Obispo county) so if you're afraid of the heat, go to Edna Valley for some wine and cooler weather and then hang out at the beach (15 minutes from Edna Valley) afterwards.

Read about other wineries that I've visited in Edna Valley and Paso Robles in San Luis Obispo County.

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