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Rooftop Restaurant at Inn at the Pier Review in Pismo Beach

Posted by on Monday, July 15, 2019 Under: Restaurants
Rooftop Pismo Beach Menu Review
A dear friend from the Bay Area came down and visited me. I wanted to take her to a special place where a successful yuppie like her would appreciate. After some research online, I decided to take her to The Rooftop at Inn at the Pier hotel in Pismo Beach that overlooks the pier and ocean. It was absolutely the right pick!

The entrance to the hotel took a bit of time to figure out because it's on the opposite end of the beach parking lot. However, once we got on the property, I instantly felt relaxed.

In order to use the elevator to get to The Rooftop, a key is required (update: today, a key is not required to get to The Rooftop Restaurant anymore) so I asked the front desk if we could get to The Rooftop (because we're not staying there as a hotel guest) and I'm glad the front desk personnel was so pleasant as she activated a card and handed it to me. She hoped we would enjoy it. I was already excited! This key in hand was special.

As we slid the card into the slot of the elevator and pressed the button to get to the top floor, my friend and I looked at each other with amazement as everything looks so new. As we exited the elevator, it was easy to find the entrance to The Rooftop as the sunshine brightened the room from inside. Like finding an oasis in a desert, we've entered The Rooftop with the sound of the heavens in my head.

To my surprise, there's a small pool up there for hotel guests to use! There were also kids from the hotel enjoying a nice time with their parents. There was the bar at the very end, opposite from the ocean. And then there were many tables with the view of the pier and ocean! 

Seriously, you can not get a more vertical view of the Pismo Beach Pier from anywhere else!

With many lounge seats, patio tables and chairs, you pick a place to sit and a server will come to you to take your order. The place had many patrons there already and we found a table as close as we could towards the ocean.

We ordered drinks and food. My friend ordered the Bloody Mary and I ordered a local beer called Cali-Squeeze. Both were very refreshing and great!

I ordered the clam chowder, while my friend ordered the corn and home made chips. All were delicious and definitely chef-ly made!

We talked and laughed. We shared personal stories. It was the best hang-out place that my best friend and I have ever shared together and we've known each other since I was four years old. I can't wait to come back to The Rooftop again.

All photos were taken by This review and experience are my own and not sponsored or endorsed in any way.

Updated Visited for Memorial Day Weekend 2023

On a date night, we wanted to have a higher view of the Pismo Beach Pier one evening during the busy Memorial Day weekend so on a whim, we decided to go to The Rooftop again at Inn at the Pier. This time, we didn't need a key from the front desk anymore! I like that they do this now as it's one less step to get up there. So, we pressed the 3 button in the elevator to go to the top and turned right out of the elevator to step up to their Rooftop restaurant. It was a Saturday evening and there were only a few other parties besides for us. I was kind of surprised. However, I appreciated the speedy service and a great seat to see the Pismo Beach Pier. Here was our view. It was a nice clear evening around 6:15PM!
Pismo Beach Pier View from Rooftop
We also saw smoke coming out of a classic car while we were dining up there. See my video short below for a nice view of the ocean from different angles and unexpected glimpse of a smoking car.

For this visit, we ordered wings and the seabass. The lobster roll was not on their menu this time, which I was bummed about but that gave me a chance to try something else (wings). I wasn't very hungry because we had just had a few appetizers for Pau Hana at Pono Pacific Kitchen in Grover Beach a half hour before. To my surprise, the seabass at The Rooftop is a full sized sea bass (head omitted).
Wings in Pismo BeachFood from Rooftop Pismo Beach

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