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Kanpai Sushi in Shell Beach Review by a Central Coast Local

Posted by San Luis Obispo Mom on Monday, June 26, 2023 Under: Restaurants

Kanpai Sushi is one of the best three top sushi restaurants that I've had in San Luis Obispo (SLO) County.

Over the weekend, we walked into Kanpai Sushi in Shell Beach for dinner without a reservation for two on a whim (kids were at a last minute kids' only event). The only reservations available left on Kanpai Sushi's website were 8PM and later so we decided to take our chances and walked in around 6:15PM to see if there were room at the sushi bar, which usually requires no reservation. Luckily, there was room at the sushi bar which we could see right when we stepped up to the hostesses.

The hostesses greeted us and asked us is we had a reservation to which we replied, 'no'. Then, she pulled up her tablet to look at the current table availability and said that we could sit at the sushi bar without any time limit. It was a no brainer. We said, 'yes'. To be honest, I always prefer sitting right by the sushi chefs to see them in action and hear their 'irrashaimase', which means 'welcome' in Japanese. I got to hear it loud and clear, at least 20 times that night.

After we were seated, a group of people came in and said they had a reservation for 9! It was already a full house so I think they just came in early to make sure they all rallied together on time. Usually when there's just a party of 2, like we were this night, it's much easier to find a seat. They can tuck us in a corner, at the bar, or at a reservation's table that ate faster than expected. However, I highly recommend that you get a reservation at Kanpai Sushi if there's availability online even if you're only a party of 2.

Our waitress was very professional and efficient. She came around with our menus and asked us for our drink order. I decided to be adventurous and order the Joto from their sake menu. [I apologize and realize that 'Joto' means something vulgar in a different language and in a different country but this is the name of their Japanese sake and means completely different in Japanese.]

I realized quickly that drinking cold sake requires more acquisition time on my part. Next time, I'll try to remember to order a hot sake instead with my sushi. I didn't really enjoy the Joto that much but I finished it by the end of the dinner, anyway.

When it was time to order, I decided on a miso soup, rainbow roll and spicy tuna roll. My husband ordered the 9-piece Sashimi Plate Combo; combo came with miso soup and a salad. I thought his was a better deal but my portion size were awesome.

About halfway through my meal, I thought I may have ordered too much food but I finished it all anyway! I was so impressed with everything at Kanpai Sushi. The fish was fresh, the service was top notch and the atmosphere was fun and exciting! The menu is definitely pricey but it's worth it for the quality.

Kanpai Sushi Address: 2665 Shellbeach Rd., Shell Beach, CA 93449

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When I was younger, I was more ambitious and had two different sushi parties as birthday gift to my friends. I would make sushi but only offer two types as to not break the bank. They were shrimp tempura rolls and spicy tuna with shrimp tempura rolls. They were fun to make and my friends really appreciated it. You can find sushi kits now that has every tool you need without having to run around and hunt individual for each item.

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