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SeaVenture Restaurant Dinner Review - Pismo Beach

Posted by San Luis Obispo Mom on Saturday, October 1, 2022 Under: Restaurants

Last month, we dined at SeaVenture Restaurant inside of SeaVenture Beach Hotel in Pismo Beach for a nice dinner with the view of the ocean. This property is oceanfront and is one of the oldest resorts in the area. It's a popular choice to stay for tourists and also a great place to dine for locals.

To get to SeaVenture Restaurant, you'd have to enter the lobby on the ground floor of the teal-roofed hotel to find the elevator or stairs up to the top floor, the third floor. We took the elevator and you can see a clear glass of the ocean as you're going up. As you step out of the elevator and onto the third floor, you'll see the restaurant sign right ahead and the aquarium to the left; once you're a foot inside of the restaurant.

The aquarium was a great mood setter and it doesn't take you long to see the panoramic ocean view! This property is definitely located at a prime location. We didn't have a reservation but we were able to get seated right away around 5:30PM. The place was very busy! It's quite a large restaurant with patrons in the patio and inside the restaurant. You can tell there were regulars who would come here often. I loved the vibe. People were happy all around, staff and guests!

The hostess sat us down in an indoor seat by the sliding doors so we could still see the panoramic view. We didn't make reservations, as mentioned earlier, so we were very happy with this table. The server was efficient and knowledgeable. I looked at the cocktail menu and ordered the Upside Down Pineapple Cocktail.

It was sweet, refreshing and mean. I enjoyed it. For my entree, I ordered The Sea Venture. If a dish is named after the resort, you bet I'm going to try it. It's a seafood dish over a bed of seasoned rice. The seafood was fresh and the food was piping hot. Play my video reel below to see the steam from my dish.

The next time we come back, we'll plan to make a reservation online and request to sit in the patio if the weather is nice. If you go on their website, you can reserve a table ahead of time for the restaurant.

Address of SeaVenture Beach Hotel & Restaurant: 100 Ocean View Ave, Pismo Beach, CA 93449

After we had dinner, we walk around a few blocks in Pismo Beach and caught a glimpse of the iconic Pismo sign on the roof.

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