Even after becoming a resident of San Luis Obispo County, I'm always so happy when we get to go to the Madonna Inn for dinner. I have yet to have a staycation here but I can always dream. 

Here are the pictures I've taken while visiting here whenever we'd come for a meal or an event. SanLuisObispoMom.com will continually add more to this page as more pictures are taken.

Desserts we've tried:
Raspberry Delight

Pink Champagne Cake

You can also pre-order a whole cake for special occasions like this Pink Champagne Cake I ordered for a special family member.

Other delicious and beautiful cakes in display from orders at Copper Cafe at the Madonna Inn

Events we've attended:
Circus Vargus at the Madonna Inn

Valentine's Day Dinner at the Madonna Inn

Entrees at the Madonna Inn:
Alfredo Ravioli from a daily special at Copper Cafe

Other neat things at Copper Cafe at Madonna Inn:

New Vegan Options

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