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LEGOLAND California Trip and LEGOLAND Castle Hotel Review

Posted by San Luis Obispo Mom on Wednesday, June 9, 2021 Under: LEGOLAND California
This past weekend, we went to LEGOLAND California to celebrate my son's 5th birthday. They had just opened the new The LEGO Movie World a couple of weeks prior so we're seeing a lot of cool new stuff!

Emmet's Flying Adventure Ride & LEGOLAND California's Waterpark

The priority on our list was Emmet's Flying Adventure Ride since it's their newest ride! The waiting time was about an hour for that when we were there. My older son had a melt down because he was getting really hot but luckily it wasn't too long after that we were able to get on the ride. It turned out to be his most favorite ride! We're so glad we stuck it out and did not get out of the line. It was well worth the wait!

We also took advantage of the clear and sunny weather to enjoy the waterpark at LEGOLAND California. I stowed my phone away in the locker since I was going to get wet so I wasn't able to take pictures inside but my kids were ecstatic and we enjoyed having some water fun. It was a busy crowd but not overcrowded. No one wore masks at the waterpark. However, outside of the waterpark, masks were required to roam around the resort. (This has changed as less restrictions are in place by California.)

There were many things that I've already blogged about in a previous LEGOLAND California Adventure. Read this older LEGOLAND California blog post to read about our experience at the connected SEA LIFE Aquarium. Please go to that link to also read more details about our other ride experiences at LEGOLAND in Carlsbad. Otherwise, I will dive into my first LEGOLAND Castle Hotel experience below! 

Discount LEGOLAND California Park Tickets
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Depending on the time of year, you can score cheaper LEGOLAND California Park tickets from Even with convenience fees, when you total everything at end, you could save money for your LEGOLAND trip. It's worth taking the extra 5 minutes to compare before you buy. Sometimes they even offer a 2nd day free where you can go back within 5 days of your first LEGOLAND California visit! See more tickets of LEGOLAND California and Discount LEGOLAND California tickets from

LEGOLAND Castle Hotel Review

We stayed at the LEGOLAND Castle Hotel for the very first time during this trip! It really made the whole weekend getaway so much more memorable. I was so impressed with everything inside of our room! I could hear the music coming from LEGOLAND California park and it really puts you in a wonderful mood. While people were walking to the park or to their cars, we were walking to and from the hotel. It is a great convenient way to maximize your experience at LEGOLAND.

We chose the wizard theme and each room had a bunk bed sectioned off so the kids get they own area to play, build and watch TV while the parents can sleep on the other end (still very close), near the window. Here are pictures from our LEGOLAND Castle Hotel stay. It was wonderfully themed and decorated. There were LEGO figures throughout our entire hotel room. Breakfast came with our stay so it was very nice to come downstairs and enjoy breakfast right away without having to leave the hotel. We made reservations for breakfast online and then they just checked off our names before hitting the buffet line. This was a very efficient process.

LEGOLAND Castle Hotel Delayed Check In Process

The only complaint I would have about staying at the LEGOLAND Castle Hotel was the check-in process. There were lines of people around the lobby waiting to get checked in or getting their keys. Even though it said check-in time was 4pm, we had to wait another hour for our keys as they were still cleaning the rooms! I am glad they are spending the extra time to clean rooms thoroughly, especially in a pandemic. However, we were really tired from a long day at LEGOLAND, going on rides and traveling so it felt really exhausting to have to wait around. However, around 6pm, we were able to check into our hotel and from then on, everything was just awesome!

See my video clips from my stay here at LEGOLAND Castle Hotel and their newest section: THE LEGO MOVIE WORLD.

Pool at LEGOLAND Castle Hotel

There's also a pool at LEGOLAND Castle Hotel for hotel guests so if you didn't buy a waterpark ticket for LEGOLAND California's park, you still have the option to have some water play at the hotel if you're staying there. There's a large playground right outside and an itinerary with scheduled entertainment exclusively for hotel guests! These are all inclusive too with your resort fees.

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