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Things To Do In Our Spare Time for Day Dates

Posted by San Luis Obispo Mom on Wednesday, June 22, 2022 Under: Romantic
Spyglass Park Ocean View in Shell Beach
My husband works a shift work schedule and I work intermittently from home as a contractor for other companies.

In the rare occasion that my husband is home during the week while the kids are at school, we'd take advantage of our proximity to fantastic places around San Luis Obispo County and do something a couple of tourists would mostly do.

Here is a list of things that I'd like to do in my spare time, besides watching shows and movies, with my husband around SLO County:
  • Eat at a nice and high-rated restaurant that has slow service. Usually my sons do not have the patience to sit still for meals that take over 1 hour. So when I don't have work to do and my husband is home, we would try to go have lunch somewhere that we normally wouldn't. Our first choice is usually Pacific Umi Sushi.

    (Read about my experience on this Asian Restaurant List page to see the items I've tried at Pacific Umi Sushi.) See a list of restaurants that I've tried.
  • Go get a mineral soak at Sycamore Mineral Springs Resort & Spa in Avila. We're known for the hot mineral springs around here but I've only had a mineral soak there a couple of times. I would really like to go again! I haven't had a facial in years so maybe I will need to schedule one there during the first month when school starts back up again in the fall and it's less busy! Read about my experience at Sycamore Mineral Springs Resort & Spa for Valentine's Day weekend.
  • Work out with my spouse. Usually I work out by myself but when he wants to do some cardio, he would occasionally join me at my gym. It is nice eyeing him across the room as I feel safer with him near. Earlier this year, while I was on the treadmill with my headphones on, a guy walked over to me to give me a thumbs up and tried to have a conversation with me. I feel uneasy when strange men try to talk to me as I've been stalked before when I was much younger. He was complimenting me on my treadmill work out session for some reason. I uttered a quick 'thanks' and thankfully he left not long after my unamused response. When my husband comes, no one tries to talk to me so I think his presence help scare off the strangers for me. Furthermore, I enjoy being able to do more active things with my husband.
  • Go watch a matinee movie at the movie theater! When the bigger movies are out, we like to take advantage of the earlier showings so we can enjoy a day date and cheaper movie tickets. I've been to the movie theater at The Movie Experience in downtown San Luis Obispo (read The Movie Experience Review) and the Regal in Arroyo Grande (read the Regal Arroyo Grande review).
  • Get some boba! I've had boba since I was a teenager back when I lived in San Diego. I'm really excited about all the new boba shops that are springing around San Luis Obispo County lately! See all of the boba shops I've tried around San Luis Obispo (SLO) County!

    My kids still aren't into boba yet. I had them try it when I would order one and even when I made my own boba at home. Boba balls do have an interesting texture and hopefully in a couple of years, they will grow to like it. My husband and I enjoyed boba while we were dating so it is nice to relive something that we used to do together.
  • Walk on the Pismo Beach Pier Sometimes we take our proximity to the beach for granted and don't walk on the pier as often as we'd like. The Pismo Beach Pier is actually a really decent walk and it usually takes us 15 - 20 minutes to the very end of the pier and back. We've taken some nice strolls on the pier while the kids were at school when we had a moment to spend time together during the week. During the weekdays, there is usually no crowd during the school season, so it's quite nice living here as a local. See my Instagram video reel on my walk with my spouse on the Pismo Beach Pier.
See beach pictures that I took in San Luis Obispo County.

Some of my most favorite gifts from my husband are experiences, like a local hotel stay in a nice boutique hotel or a nice stress-free cruise. Read more blog entries to read about my local adventures. Read about my romantic adventures and dining experiences on the Central Coast

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