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South County San Luis Obispo Gyms or Fitness Centers Reviews

Posted by San Luis Obispo Mom on Sunday, December 18, 2022 Under: South County San Luis Obispo
Staying active and healthy is one of my goals. Over the years, I went to a number of gyms around the South County part of San Luis Obispo County. Here is a list of gyms/fitness centers that I've visited and my thoughts about them in chronological order:

  • Fitness 19

    Located in Arroyo Grande and in the same shopping area as Marshalls, Wal Mart, Food 4 Less, a movie theater, and a great number of restaurants, I thought this gym had the best location. Their ads kept showing up on my Facebook as well with a free trial offered. Furthermore, years ago when I was a member there, Fitness 19 had a nursery for kids. At the time, I had a 5 year old and 3 year old. They offered a free first day trial. For my first trial visit, I thought it was a pretty good place. All I wanted to do was find a place where I could jog regularly with childcare to keep my heart healthy. They had a lot of treadmills lined up at the front. After my first visit, I joined. The kids behaved fine during their first time at the nursery. However, after their first time, they didn't like to be there anymore. They would cry while I was on the treadmill so the staff had to stop my work out and get me. My ideal work out timeframe was 35 minutes on the treadmill but unfortunately, the nursery personnel was not able to console my kids for even that amount of time so after a few months, I just cancelled my membership. Now, all of this was a year before the pandemic so I'm not sure if they have a nursery anymore. If you're interested in that element of their services, I would check with them. It didn't work out for me but hopefully it'll work out for you. Fitness 19 is also a close distance from an electric charging station. The electric charging station is not right in front of the Fitness 19 gym but it's not more than a quarter mile away as it's within the same shopping center. Address of Fitness 19: 908 Rancho Pkwy, Arroyo Grande, CA 93420

  • Tantrum Fitness (Closed Down)

    Located in Grover Beach, Tantrum Fitness was a gym for women only! I liked their class offerings and the members who worked out there as well. They also had a nursery available for certain time frames and was located in the shopping center next to VONS. It was a convenient location. However, this place shut down during the pandemic! The peculiar thing is they did not inform me in an email directly nor called me to let me know that they were closing. I found out through their social media by reading a comment underneath one of their posts that a class instructor responded to. After I'd discovered this and found out that they were closing their doors in less than a month, I emailed their team to request them to stop pulling automatic payments from my financial account. Small businesses were struggling during the pandemic so I understand the hustle. Tantrum Fitness is closed now so all in all, it was a great work out experience and community but sadly, the pandemic was too much for them to sustain their business. 

  • Pismo Beach Athletic Club

    After making sure Tantrum Fitness stopped pulling automatic payments as they were permanently closing, I stopped working out for awhile during the pandemic. The kids were learning at home because of the school closures around our county so we were cooped up, helped our kids through online school work/lessons from home, and didn't get out much. However, as things were starting to open up and the kids were transitioning to a couple of hours of lessons a day in school, I was able to try out Pismo Beach Athletic Club for a morning. They didn't offer a free trial but allowed non-members to purchase a day pass so that was what I did for one morning. I really wanted to try one of their fitness classes but all of their classes required pre-registration and all of their morning classes were already full by a whole week! So, I just came in and jogged on the treadmill. It sufficed for what I needed for cardio. I felt that the membership fees were too high for me and was not able to easily join a class so I didn't join as a member. However, they have an indoor lap pool so if swimming is your main focus for fitness, Pismo Beach Athletic Club is a good option. They are also located just a block from the ocean so it's such a wonderful location. The staff there are all professional and nice so there is a family feel to it. From my understanding on their website and my single day visit, they do not offer childcare but I suggest double checking with the business in case that has changed recently. Pismo Beach Athletic Club Address: 1751 Price Street, Pismo Beach CA 93449

  • Planet Fitness

    Planet Fitness Locker Room Arroyo Grande

    Located in Arroyo Grande and in the same shopping center as a Starbucks, Grocery Outlets and off the 101 highway, Planet Fitness could be a great hub for many needs. They also have an electric car charging station right in front of Planet Fitness as well! I feel like because of their highway proximity, electric charging station and with the Starbucks right there, this Planet Fitness is full of yuppies, travelers, students and a bunch of smart and efficient people! The cost is such a good deal as well! They don't offer classes though so that is the major con. However, if you don't care for fitness classes, Planet Fitness in AG is a great gym spot. They have a lot of cardio equipment, weight machines and free weights. I like their big locker room with a few showers for women. I'm assuming the men's locker room would be the same size? Furthermore, Planet Fitness is a chain so if you have the black card (a higher membership level), you can work out at any Planet Fitness around the U.S. and bring a guest every day for free! They do not have any childcare services. Planet Fitness Address: 1576 W Branch St, Arroyo Grande, CA 93420

  • CYB Studios

    Located in Arroyo Grande off of Grand Ave., CYB Studios is strictly classes only and they focus on cycling, yoga and barre (hence the acronym for their name)! They were having their anniversary sale so I bought some passes to try it out. Thus far, I've tried their cycling, Barre, YFlow, Y26, and YSculpt classes. The staff members there are all very helpful with customer service as their forefront #1 asset. Within their shopping center, you'll find a Starbucks, Rite Aid, CHC Urgent Care, a few restaurants, and an Aldi so you can get almost all of your errands done in this shopping center before or after working out, if you really wanted to! Their classes and instructors are amazing! I usually feel sore for a couple of days after taking a class there so make sure to give yourself a break for a couple of days between classes if you're not used to it like me. You will definitely get a really good work out! The big con is if you're not into working out in classes with other people and only want to work with machines or equipment on your own, CYB Studios is not for you. They do not have any treadmills or any other cardio machines. Every once in awhile, they offer free classes to the public so that you can try them out or you can always just pay a fee for every visit without a membership or pay a package deal. One fun thing is they often plan really neat social events with fitness. They also have a very nice restroom area with showers. They are very proactive on their social media. They do not offer childcare services, but do offer complimentary towel usage for your work outs. CYB Studios Address: 1231 E Grand Avenue, Suite 105, Arroyo Grande, Ca 93420

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