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Blue Seafood & Grill Arroyo Grande Lunch Date Review

Posted by San Luis Obispo Mom on Friday, March 31, 2023 Under: Restaurants
Blue Seafood & Grill opened in Arroyo Grande recently in 2023 and my husband and I decided to have a lunch date there. It's nice to have another seafood restaurant in AG! They replaced the previous restaurant named Me & Z, which I regretfully did not get to try before they closed down.
Blue Seafood & Grill Arroyo Grande Review
We parked in the back of the building where they have their own parking lot. Beware, it's a one way in, one way out situation so if you have a really big vehicle, just be mindful of that. However, it's nice to not have to park on the street.

We went inside by using their back door from their parking lot and walked in from the patio. No one was sitting in the patio because it was a rainy day. Once inside, we saw that Blue Seafood & Grill was almost a full house! We took one of the last two tables and sat down.

The menu was already on the table, laminated, and has a front and back side lined with items. They also have a kid's menu so that is nice for young families. Since we were there for lunch, they also had a small sheet with a lunch menu. I opted to order the crab sandwich with fries for $15 from the lunch menu and my husband decided to order the lobster roll that came with dirty fries for $30 from the regular menu. (Note: With inflation and rise in costs, the restaurant may increase their menu prices and the prices on this blog entry only reflects the prices that were listed on the menu that day when we visited.) I loved my crab sandwich and my husband thought his lobster roll was overpriced for the size. See my Pinterest pictures below.

My crab sandwich was like a smashed crab cake between two sandwich slices. My husband's lobster roll had some lobster meat topped on top of one thick bread slice. I think mine was definitely a better deal for the portion but like the grocery store and at other restaurants, the lobster is usually always much more expensive than crab.

They had a few things for desserts on the menu, but we decided to skip it and walked next door to Tribe Coffeehouse for some delicious craft coffee. See pictures of Tribe and other coffee shops I've visited in Five Cities of San Luis Obispo County.

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