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Tooth and Nail Winery in Paso Robles Review

Posted by on Sunday, March 8, 2020 Under: Wineries
There's not a shortage of wineries in San Luis Obispo County. With more than 200 wineries just in Paso Robles alone, it'll take years before you can visit them all. Paso Robles is located in the northern side of San Luis Obispo County and depending on when you visit, the weather here could be drastically different than the main San Luis Obispo area or beachside.

One of the more famous wineries is Tooth & Nail Winery and just entering the parking lot will explain why. The tasting room and space is a castle with a moat.
(Entrance of Tooth & Nail)

Bustling with visitors from all over California, many have their phones ready for selfies and instagram-worthy shots. The tasting room does not allow kids and dogs but the patio space does! On a nice day, you'd want to sit outside anyhow. There were a few dogs and kids there hanging in the seating areas with the umbrellas outside so don't shy away if you have kids and pets in tow. 

We hung out outside with the kiddos and tried some tastings with some food.

There are two tasting groups you can pick from: standard or unconventional. We went with the unconventional and I tell you, it's worth trying the unconventional if you feel daring and need a change for your palate! If you aren't adventurous with your tastebuds, then steer away and stick with the standard. The tacos that I ordered came with 3 in one entree order! There were no sides included with it so we also ordered a side of fries. They were all good!

(accessible entrance from the left side)

As you get into the parking lot, you'll see a line of stairs. If you have strollers or a wheelchair or don't feel like walking up on those steps, park to the left side of the castle and you'll be able to go through a more accessible entrance from the side.

If you're coming to Paso Robles for just a weekend and have never had wine in this area, I'd say make sure you stick Tooth & Nail Winery in your itinerary! It's worth the visit and the architecture makes this winery stand out from many others!

Address of Tooth & Nail Winery: 3090 Anderson Rd, Paso Robles, CA 93446


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