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Tito's Red Tacos Pismo Beach Review

Posted by San Luis Obispo Mom on Tuesday, October 10, 2023 Under: Restaurants
Tito's Red Tacos in Pismo Beach got a lot of viral PR before it even opened! The restaurant is owned by a restauranteur who has opened successful restaurants around San Luis Obispo County (Pismo Beach is part of San Luis Obispo County).

There is a belief from a video that was recorded and posted on the internet that he didn't care for the locals. 
Well, I'm a local and I dine at many local restaurants around the San Luis Obispo County. I watched the recording and I found that maybe he thought he was in a safe place and was talking to a group of friends, without knowing he was being recorded.

In all honestly, I knew there was a video like that floating around but I didn't watch it, until after I've dined at Tito's. My husband wanted to check out the place and he had no idea that there was that video of him speaking ill of us, locals. My husband had just started working an outage schedule and it's his first day off. I'm not going to shut him down if he wanted to try this new spot in Pismo Beach. So, I kept mum about it and wanted to come in like a regular customer. We found easy parking in front on a Monday morning. I found the murals inside of Tito's Red Tacos very tastefully done. It's October and it definitely matched my October mood.

See my instagram video reel of my visit at Tito's Red Tacos

The cashier at the counter was super nice. My husband ordered their Famous Red Queso Tacos with Birria and I had the second item on the menu list, Puffy Rolled Tacos with Carnitas. I tried them both and they were delicious! I wanted to find an excuse to not come back but from my first experience, I think I will come back. The friendly cashier experience, fast service and pretty murals were enough to make me forgive the owner for that video. I think (and hope) that as a seasoned restauranteur, he knows that the locals contribute to a good percentage of sales. They're more quiet and discreet in conversation but they still help bring in the money and sometimes bring in tourists, like me. I regularly bring in tourists from San Diego to the area who come to visit me! I heard that he apologized afterwards but I don't know if there is a video of that floating around. Here are the pictures of our food that we ordered below.

I like to root for local businesses, especially if they are amazing. I almost feel like this particular spot and address is cursed though. In the 4 years that I've lived here, it's been 3 different businesses. It's a block from Pismo Beach Pier so the location is great and I hope they will survive. We'll find out in time.

Tito's Red Tacos Address: 690 Dolliver St., Pismo Beach, CA 93449

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