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Shelter at Home (+ WFH) During Covid 19 Closures

Posted by on Sunday, March 29, 2020 Under: Coronavirus
We've just finished Week 2 of sheltering at home and we're starting to have a decent routine down. Surprisingly, my kids have not asked me to take them to the park or anything like that yet. It's also my husband's second week working from home so I think that they're just enjoying being able to spend more time with him, even if it means we're just playing at home.

Only one of my kids is old enough to go to school so I've only had to worry about homeschooling my 6 year old. His kindergarten teacher has been really proactive in making sure the kids have everything they need to complete their assignments at home. We generally have 5 - 6 assignments every day, Monday through Friday. It helps keep my son busy and gives me peace in knowing that we're still doing everything we can academically. 

We've also taken advantage of the free meals for kids during school closures. We've only done 3 pick-ups within the last 2 weeks but we're planning on picking them up at least twice next week. (See a list of schools that provide free meals to kids during the Coronavirus closures.) My son likes the surprise brown bags or boxes that we'd get. We're grateful for this. Generally, it's the only reason I strap them in the car and take them out of the home. There's never a line when we go pick up my kids' meals. The meals are for any child ages between 0 - 18 years old. The meal pick-up times are between 11AM - 1PM but we generally go around 11:15AM. The milk that they give the kids have been helpful in making sure we have milk at home for them. 

I'm an introvert so staying home, watching TV and shopping online generally keep me occupied and content. My husband, on the other hand, is having a harder time staying home all the time. He's used to being out and about every day because of work. He's relying on facebook a lot to get his social fix. We've also designated him as our food runner to get groceries so he generally gets out of the house at least twice a week to do that for us. He'd get the groceries and then I make him immediately take off all his clothes and put them in the washer and take a shower so that we can avoid any exposure to any coronavirus on his clothes. We haven't been using gloves nor masks when we get out but I've noticed that about 25% of the people do. I've heard people in the bay area are more diligent on using gloves and wearing masks when they are at the grocery store. I'm thinking as the number of people infected in SLO county increases or the situation in our country gets worse, more gloves and masks will come out.

I'm saddened to hear that one of my friends lost her job due to this pandemic. With businesses closing, many have had to cut back employee's hours or lay off their staff. We're blessed that my husband has been able to work from home and keep his job. We'll always need electricity right?

I'm also saddened that the hospital staff members are going through a rough time already at Week 2. Not so much here in SLO but I'm originally from San Diego and the coronavirus Covid-19 situation is worse there. One of my close friends is an anesthetist at a hospital and she's confessed to me yesterday that going to work lately has been like going to the battlefield. She lives in San Diego and works night shifts and with both of her kids at home now, she said it has been hard. I'm sure the sleep is not easy during the day. I'm so proud of her but I hope she stays safe.

Stay healthy, everyone!

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