There are 3 piers in Avila Beach but Port San Luis Pier is my favorite of the bunch. It's located on the farthest right if you're facing the ocean and driving into Avila Beach from the road. It's past the PG & E plant and lighthouse.

You'll see some campers parked there. Don't be discourage. Just keep driving and you'll see a free parking area. That is when you'll see the Port San Luis Pier. You can go fishing on this pier without a fishing license and also see sea lions from this pier. They like to hang out around here.

I really love coming here with the family. Like any fishing pier, it can smell seafoody but if you love seafood, it won't bother you. When it's cloudy, I feel like I'm in heaven as the fog hangs really close.

Here are more photos from Port San Luis Pier on a sunny day last year. The restaurants was just opening again from the pandemic and we decided to come here as they have restaurant with an outdoor area to enjoy our meal.
Port San Luis Pier><img  alt=

A lot of boats were roaming around the bay. 
Avila Beach Piers

After walking around for awhile, we enjoyed a lunch at Mersea's, which is a seafood restaurant located right on the pier! I had their tacos while I enjoyed this fantastic view.
Mersea's Restaurant Picture in Avila Beach

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Enjoy your day!

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Avila Beach is located in San Luis Obispo County and is one of many beaches in the area. They have farmers markets, a lot of restaurants and shops and a great playground for kids. See more pictures of Avila Beach.

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