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No more milk before bedtime for my 5 year old

Posted by on Wednesday, March 20, 2019
We had a somewhat satisfactory dentist appointment earlier today for my 5 year old. He is starting kindergarten this fall and we needed to get his oral check up and oral health assessment form completed by a dentist by May 31st to enroll him into school!

Like his previous visits, we had a hard time getting x-rays of his molars done. He would gag when they would place a film that far into his mouth. 

Since his previous dental visit was good 8 months ago, I didn't have any concerns about how he has been taking care of this teeth. We remind him every day to brush twice a day and he'd go to the bathroom and brush them by himself. 

Well, this time the dental hygienist said that I should be brushing his teeth now because they don't think he is brushing well. I do admit that we have been slacking on getting him to floss. So starting today, I am using plackers to floss his molars. They said that it is just his molars that need flossing since his front teeth are not touching each other yet. 

The dentist also noted about a bit of discoloration on his teeth that I had mentioned in my form before our appointment. My son's previous dentist wasn't concerned about it but this one is. I am not sure if it's just because he is being more thorough or if it has gotten worse. Anyway, I'm going to toughen up and eliminate his cup of milk before bedtime now. I know I should have done this a couple of years ago but I have a very scrawny kid so I wanted him to consume as much supplements as he can. 

So, tonight rejecting his request for milk was really hard. I felt really bad and there was a lot of pleading on his part. I had to stick with it and offered him water only. Because he was so used to milk before bedtime since he was born, this made it really hard for me too. I felt like I was forcing him to grow up all of sudden. It's been a comfort thing for him. But for the sake of his teeth and hygiene, it has to be done. He fell asleep 5 minutes after I left the room. I think there were a couple tears from his closed eyes. 

I hope that he understands that I am doing this for his sake.
- - - 
Two weeks later update!!! He is doing better and understands that we can only give him water at night and if he needed a snack last minute before bed, he'd oblige to brush his teeth again. Winning progress!

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