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Making Boba Balls at Home

Posted by San Luis Obispo Mom on Saturday, January 8, 2022 Under: Boba
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Surprisingly, you only need 3 ingredients to make and roll your boba balls at home, the three ingredients are:
  • 1/2 cup of tapioca starch/flour
  • Between 1/3 cup but less than 1/2 cup of brown sugar (depending on your preference on sweetness)
  • 1/2 cup of water (divided)
That's it! Lucky for those who can't eat gluten, tapioca starch or flour is gluten-free and you can make sure it stays gluten-free by making it at home. However, it does require some work.

  1. Boil the 1/4 cup water with half of the brown sugar that you plan to use. When it has dissolved, turn off the heat.
  2. Put the 1/2 cup of tapioca flour into the pot and mix throughly together.
  3. When it has cooled down enough to touch, start kneading it on a flat surface. I always just use a sheet of wax paper and put it on my table. Then, work the dough on it. Make the dough nice and and flat and evenly cut into tiny squares so they can be easily rolled into a ball individually.
  4. Now boil a clean pot with water and fill it (how much water depends on how big your pot is). I just fill it enough where it's at least 4 times the amount of boba balls I'm boiling. Boil the water over medium high heat.
  5. Throw the balls into the boiled water over medium heat and cook it for about 10 -15 minutes. I like my boba balls (tapioca balls) to be soft so you may cook for less time if you like it chewy it in the middle. Then, boil it for another 5 minutes in low heat. When the balls are floating, you are definitely sure that they're ready. Drain the boba when it's ready in a colander.
  6. Now, in another pot, boil 1/4 cup of water and put the rest of the brown sugar (the other half that we saved from Step 1) in it and caramelize it into syrup over medium heat. I'd use my eye to judge how long it took but usually under 10 minutes. This may be different depending on the heat of your stove.
  7. After it's in like a caramel sauce consistency, put the drained boba balls in the pot of caramel and mix it until the syrup has coated the boba balls. It's ready to be put in a cup to use with your favorite drink.
You can watch my instagram video to see a short clip of how I made my boba balls.

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Not up for creating your own dough and rolling them? Buy some pre-made and all you have to do is boil them. Some of them come in a big bag like: E-FA Black Tapioca Pearl Boba, 2.2 Pound.

If you're a local or travel to SLO, find boba shops in San Luis Obispo County.

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