Solvang is about an hour drive from San Luis Obispo and known as a wine country and wonderful Danish town. We love visiting there because it feels like we're going to a different country, even though we're just going to a cool town in Santa Barbara county! As the biggest Danish town in California, you're going to feel like you just got dropped right in the middle of Europe! Here's a list of a handful of kid-friendly wineries/tasting rooms that we've personally went to with kids in tow. 

Lucas & Lewellen
With a sign in front saying it is kid-friendly, my husband and I went inside of Lucas & Lewellen and shared 5 tastings for $15. They had a kids table in the back. The staff was friendly and understanding of families with kids. We told them that we're glad they had a kid-friendly sign in front because that encouraged us to try our very first wine tasting experience in Solvang. With that information, they shared that their sister tasting room a couple blocks over, Toccata, is also kid-friendly. To see a picture we took from a past visit at Lucas & Lewellen, click here.  Address: 1645 Copenhagen Dr., Solvang, California 93463

After a recommendation from Lucas & Lewellen to try Toccata wines, my husband and I shared 5 tastings here too for $15. They also had a kids table with blocks, books and other toys for the little ones to play. This one was a bit busier than the Lucas & Lewellen when we came. However, they were very efficient and fast with their service. Ask them if they have any wine bottle specials. We found a bottle on sale while we were there and then headed home. To see a picture we took from a past visit at Toccata, click here. Address: 1665 Copenhagen Dr., Solvang, California 93463

A couple of months after our first trip to Solvang, we came back to town and stumbled across the Carivintas Tasting Room. This one is smaller than the others but it offers a very intimate ambiance. They don't have a kid's table or a sign that says it's kid-friendly but once we got there, the nice staff member pulled out a box of legos and let the kids play. The kids really enjoyed it. We also discovered an incredible passport program while we were at this tasting room. You could go to 14 different wineries (5 tastings at each location) in Santa Ynez area with a summer passport program running from May 15 - August 15 for only $55 ($50 if you purchase online).

It's great for those who can space apart their visits around here during their summer because going to 14 different wineries in a day would be a bad idea. Address: 476 First St., Solvang, California 93463

Casa Cassara

The location in Casa Cassara is very central since it's located across from the public park that has public restrooms so many people gather around this area. I love how this place also has a couch area, which makes this place stand apart from the others. Even the bar area has stools. Many tasting rooms don't have that. They have a box of blocks and toys near the couch area for kids to play. My husband and I used our Summer passport for 5 tastings here. We always share one tasting set. They are usualy open every day, Monday through Sunday. Address: 1607 Mission Dr., Solvang, California 93463

Lincourt Vineyards

Lincourt Vineyards is not in downtown like the others but it is the most kid-friendly and dog-friendly of the bunch. About 5 - 10 minutes drive from downtown Solvang, there is a lot of green grass space for the kids and the dogs to roam around. Best of all, both their white and red tastings are excellent. I didn't see toys set out for kids but maybe if I came on a less busy day, it would be different. This place had a lot of people inside and out and it's such a casual place. Address: 1711 Alamo Pintado Rd., Solvang, California 93463

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