On the Central Coast of California, in the county of San Luis Obispo, is a small beach called Grover Beach. It's part of the Pismo State Beach area but there is only one entrance in, through Grand Avenue. West Coast, at its finest, you can ride your vehicle onto the beach here if you drive right on through the toll (for a small fee). (All Grover Beach photos below were taken by SanLuisObispoMom.com.)

If you would like to go onto the beach by foot, you can do that too! In the parking lot of Fin's Restaurant, before you see the toll, on Grand Avenue is a lot of free beach parking. The public restrooms are also right there as you park. Find nearby hotels in Grover Beach. 

Welcomed with a whale watching guide on the deck of Grover Beach, you instantly feel like you've uncovered a San Luis Obispo and Pismo State Beach secret. Quaint and clean, Grover Beach let's you see the majestic view of where the mountains meet the sea on this side of the coast.

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All pictures from Pinterest on this page are original uploads and were all taken by SanLuisObispoMom.com