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Clos Selene in Paso Robles Review | Review by a Local

Posted by San Luis Obispo Mom on Sunday, September 24, 2023 Under: Wineries
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As a San Luis Obispo County local, Clos Selene is one of my top 10 favorite wine tasting places in all of the county. It's romantic, intimate and every tasting that I had was so smooth. A tasting session here requires a reservation ahead of time and also a tasting deposit, which they charge immediately to hold your reservation. Then, on your reservation date, they will refund the deposit later on the day after you have arrived and just charge you for what you owe at the end of the tasting. It is quite a process but well worth it if you've been to many wineries before and want something extraordinary.

We booked a 10AM reservation a few days before to visit on a Friday morning right when they opened. Google Maps sent us to a wrong turn but we found the place after making a U-turn. We arrived at the gate about 13 minutes before our reservation time and the gate was locked. We used the gate box to talk to a personnel and they opened the gate for us. Here is a video with the opening of the Clos Selene gate, as well as, the estate views from our visit below:

As we drove past the pretty vineyards, we found a sign for 'Parking' and quickly saw a sign that marked the owner/winemaker's home and that the tasting room is to the right of it. We're glad we noticed that to make sure we didn't try to enter their private home. This is how the tasting section area looks like as we were walking from the parking lot area. Not all winemakers live on their own vineyards estate so this is very special. They are hands-on and close by.

Shortly after we've arrived, a few other cars arrived. We were surprised that two other parties also made a 10AM reservation!

As we stepped up to the host stand, we were alerted by the staff member that our attendant will come get us shortly and that we could sit on the bench or gray chairs right by the host stand and the umbrellas while we waited.

It was a short few minutes when our attendant got us. He led us to what I felt was the best seat in the house! They were nice outdoor couches with a phenomenal view!
Clos Selene Review

It was the chilly morning so our attendant said he'd come back with fresh French bread, part of their service, and some blankets. Cuddling with my husband with blankets and a view of the vineyards on comfortable cushions were all so surprisingly romantic!

We were already wine club members to four other wineries in San Luis Obispo County, with two places that have a tasting room in Paso Robles as well. Since there are 300 wineries in San Luis Obispo County, we prefer to just go taste as many different places as we can instead of joining another membership. In the four year that I've lived here, I've only visited about 45 wine tasting rooms. That averages about once a month and at our pace, it would take a long, long time to even reach the first 100, even as a local.

However, for the wine connoisseur, I definitely recommend Clos Selene! As mentioned above, they are one of my top 10 favorites in San Luis Obispo County (includes Paso Robles and Edna Valley). See my top 10 wineries in San Luis Obispo and my thoughts about each of them in this rank post.

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