(Note: This review post about Circus Vargas in SLO is for a performance in 2019. To see the latest information for Circus Vargas 2021, click here.)

Yesterday on June 29, 2019, my family went to the Circus Vargas performance at the 4pm showing. It was nice to break our day with a fun family-friendly show at the beautiful Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo, California! See below for our highlights, videos and pictures that SanLuisObispoMom.com captured at this show time.

Parking was $10 per vehicle to park by the circus. We arrived about 25 minutes before the 4PM performance to enjoy some pre-show activities for the kids on the stage. As you enter through, you'll find food and merchandise available for purchase. So if you didn't have time to eat beforehand, don't worry, they have options! 

It was very nice that they had a lot of fun kid's activities for the pre-show. It helped our kids release a bit of energy and get them excited. After they've alerted us to return to our seats, they started dimming the lights and the show began! 

The opening was so thrilling because all of the performers were on stage to welcome you with dance! I couldn't wait to see what's to come! We sat in the arena section and because we got there early enough, we found seats along the entrance so we were able to see everything in plain view. 

One of the many fascinating performances was when this contortionist shot an arrow with her feet and hit her target!

There were performances that were absolutely delightful while there were others that were scary; like when this circus performer jumped through a ring of knives while walking on a trampoline!

Usually when I think of the circus, I would think of looking up at trapeze tricks and Circus Vargas did not disappoint!

My son's favorite was when the juggler was juggling 10 balls at once!

When it was the final performance, we were at the edge of our seats when the motorcyclists came out! They started out with two motorcyclists inside a globe and then gradually moved up to four! It was incredible and no one got hurt!

They even performed in the dark at one point!

When the fourth motorcyclist joined in, I could barely open my eyes!

These were the highlights that SanLuisObispoMom.com captured and there were many performances not shown here! The circus show is great for any age and it's very family-friendly. 

Circus Vargas usually comes to San Luis Obispo, California every year! Right now they are performing at the Madonna Inn from June 28 - July 8, 2019 so if it's not too late, you can still catch their show for 2019!

See Circus Vargas prices and show times at: http://www.circusvargas.com.

All photos and videos were taken by SanLuisObispoMom.com. Please give credit to SanLuisObispoMom.com if you plan on using any of our media. Thank you! 

Visit the website of Circus Vargas to find out more details on their next circus show!
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