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Alpha Omega Collective in Downtown Paso Robles Review

Posted by San Luis Obispo Mom on Monday, January 16, 2023 Under: Wineries
Earlier this afternoon, we had a Signature wine tasting flight at Alpha Omega Collective in Downtown Paso Robles. It had just grand opened a couple of days ago so this was their first weekend of opening.
Alpha Omega Paso Robles
The inside of the tasting room is very sleek and cozy. We can tell the staff there are seasoned in the industry. They are calm, professional and attentive. We really enjoyed our experience there and loved that it is literally right by the Downtown City Park in Downtown Paso Robles. 
Alpha Omega Collective in Paso Robles
I always like to compare the Downtown Paso Robles area to Downtown San Luis Obispo because they are both located within the San Luis Obispo County. I feel like Downtown Paso Robles has done so many things right! They have a centralized park with a playground, many wine tasting rooms, different types of restaurants and little neat shops scattered around several blocks. Best of all, it is very easy to walk around Downtown Paso Robles because it is flat! Downtown San Luis Obispo, on the other hand, is very hilly. You can read about my Downtown San Luis Obispo staycation at the Granada Hotel & Bistro and pictures of the places we visited in the Downtown SLO area. 
Alpha Omega Downtown Paso Robles
Alpha Omega Collective has selections from three different wineries: Tolosa (Edna Valley), Perinet (Spain) and Alpha Omega (Napa Valley). We like this variety and it was very nice to be able to taste something from Napa Valley without having to visit Napa Valley!
Alpha Omega San Luis Obispo County
We are Tolosa Winery wine club members and was able to enjoy complimentary tastings here as they are sister properties. Because of Alpha Omega Collective's addition here in Paso Robles, we are going to definitely continue to remain members of Tolosa Winery for another year. Tolosa Winery is located in Edna Valley of San Luis Obispo, California. Read my full review on Tolosa Winery.

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We get visitors coming to visit us at least once a year and we'd take them wine tasting in our county and if there is a bottle that we all really like, we'd buy one to save for later at the house. It's really elevated our home parties, especially if we've all visited that very winery together. I've gotten really good at opening a bottle of wine with a regular wine cork opener but if you feel like being fancy, you can check out some wine cork bottle openers that doesn't require pulling strength.

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