Every year, we have Mother's Day as a special day to celebrate our mothers and ourselves as mothers. Motherhood is an amazing thing and unless you've become one, it is really hard to describe this awesome identity.

May in San Luis Obispo County offers many outdoor options for your family to do some outdoor activities. However, you can always find a brunch place to enjoy an indoor celebration. 

Here are some tips on how to celebrate Mother's Day in San Luis Obispo County:
  1. Find a nice brunch spot! Madonna Inn's restaurants are always offering something special for each holiday. Usually, they have a Mother's Day Brunch menu as well. Many hotels around the area also offer brunch specials on Mother's Day as well. If any of the restaurants is allowing reservations, I highly recommend doing so! Here's a video clip from our brunch at Ada's Fish House in Pismo Beach on Mother's Day.
  2. Take her wine tasting! San Luis Obispo County has hundreds of wineries scattered all around the county. Two top regions to go are: Edna Valley and Paso Robles. Edna Valley takes the San Luis Obispo city name as their address and located just 10 minutes drive from Pismo Beach. Many of the wine tasting places have a wine tasting room (indoors) and a patio area to enjoy your wine outdoors so there's a great flexibility there. See my wineries reviews throughout SLO County and pictures I took during my visits.
  3. Take a fun class together! Local cities all around San Luis Obispo usually have cool art classes you can take for a really decent price. A few wineries also do sip and paints. Sip and paints, or sometimes as 'sip n paints' is where you sip on wine while you paint. They usually provide all of the supplies and the wine so you just pay and show up! I really like sip and paints or paint nights (as some call it) because you get to keep that art you made as a memory of your celebration.
  4. Cook her a tri-tip Santa Maria style! One of many things that we're known in this county is we love our tri-tip grilled on a Santa Maria grill. If you really want to wow her, you can buy that expensive hunk of meat, marinate it hours ahead and slowly cook it for your momma! Or better yet, take her to a bbq restaurant that has tri-tip made this way on the menu. My top pick (and probably Yelp's too) is Firestone Grill. They are located in downtown San Luis Obispo. See my reviews of restaurants throughout San Luis Obispo County on the Restaurants page.
  5. Go to a special event. Every year, Grover Beach hosts a Mother and Son dance but they were cancelled during the pandemic. For 2021, they are doing a Paint Class! See the Family-Friendly Events Page to see upcoming events in San Luis Obispo County. Grover Beach is part of San Luis Obispo County. Here's a picture the decorated table from the Mother & Son Dance that I attended in May 2019 in Grover Beach. Mother and Son Dance Grover Beach Picture

Winery Reviews:

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