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What Your Child Should Know Before Kindergarten

Posted by on Thursday, July 25, 2019,
My first-born is starting kindergarten next month. Back in May 2019, he had his round-up (something that they have around San Luis Obispo county for the little ones who are about to start kindergarten in a few months) where they tested him on at least 10 things: like drawing a picture of himself, writing his name, counting to 20 and more! I was surprised that they were testing them on all that because I was expecting a 'round-up' to be like an orientation. My son passed all of it, thankfully,...
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Wine Tasting in Buellton near Solvang

Posted by on Monday, July 22, 2019, In : Wineries 
Have you ever watched the movie Sideways? It's a story about two San Diego State University alumni (like me!) who decided to go to Buellton for some wine-tasting adventure as a bachelor party. It's a wonderful story and very comical.

Lucky for us, Buellton is only an hour south drive from here! It's also on the way to Solvang, the Danish Capital of America. In Buellton, there is a main street where you can hit many wine tasting rooms within the same block called Industrial Way. Once you've pa...
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Spyglass Park and Hidden Beach

Posted by on Tuesday, July 16, 2019, In : Beaches 
You're going to discover a hidden secret if you stumble onto this post. As a local, I've discovered that you can actually walk down from Spyglass Park but don't stop once you get all the way down. If the tides are not too high, you can curve around the bluffs to the right and find a small tiny beach! Now all of this is risky so I don't advise you to do it if the winds, weather and tides are not in your favor. I've seen a few guys with coolers traveling around those rocky trails down and then ...
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The Rooftop at Inn at the Pier Hotel in Pismo Beach

Posted by on Monday, July 15, 2019, In : Restaurants 
A dear friend from the Bay Area came down and visited me. I wanted to take her to a special place where a successful yuppie like her would appreciate. After some research online, I decided to take her to The Rooftop at Inn at the Pier hotel in Pismo Beach that overlooks the pier and ocean. It was absolutely the right pick!

The entrance to the hotel took a bit of time to figure out because it's on the opposite end of the beach parking lot. However, once we got on the property, I instantly fel...
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Madonna Inn Pictures in San Luis Obispo

Posted by on Monday, July 15, 2019, In : Madonna Inn 
Here are the pictures I've taken while visiting here whenever we'd come for a meal or an event. I've also ordered cakes from the Copper Cafe bakery at Madonna Inn as well. Enjoy the photos below!

Desserts we've tried from Madonna Inn:
All Pinterest cake pictures below are original pins and photos of

Raspberry Delight

Pink Champagne Cake

Toffee Crunch Cake

Appie Spice Cake
You can also pre-order a whole cake for special occasions online now like this Pink Champag...
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Ventana Grill Panoramic Beach and Cliff Views

Posted by on Friday, July 12, 2019, In : Restaurants 
 (Photo taken at Ventana Grill by
Before my family and I moved to the San Luis Obispo area, my husband was raving about the dinner spot that his company took him after his final interview. They had flown him from South Carolina, where we had lived, to come to San Luis Obispo for this new job opportunity. It didn't take him long after that to make his decision. He wanted to move here and be able to see this panoramic view with me. 

We had moved here in January 2019 so it ha...
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