If you're a military veteran or in the military and eligible for VA loans on the purchase of a home, it's a great opportunity to take advantage of VA loans due to its better interest rates and no money down required for up to a certain amount (in the 400k range). However, there are specific guidelines your future home needs to meet in order to get that loan approved by the bank. And trust me, it's in your favor that they do have these standards as they don't want to loan you money on a home that is not up to par. And if you are a home buyer, you don't want to move into a home that needs a lot of fixing and causes any health hazards.

Like FHA loans, there are certain water standards that the home you are interested in has to meet in order to be approved for the  VA loan.

If the water is hooked up on city or public water, then there usually aren't any issues there because city/public water is always tested and well maintained by the local government. However, if the house is on well water then there is an inspection that needs to take place before to make sure it meets the health guidelines. Your VA loan will not get approved if there is a problem with the well water and it usually costs money to fix it. In that case, make sure you alert the seller with the inspection proof that they need to fix that in order for the house to be approved by the bank.

If the house is currently hooked up on well water but public/city water is available for that home, you must get it hooked up on the public city water. There is no choice in that instance. In many cases, if the house has never been hooked up on public water before, there is usually a high set-up cost for that. It's usually in the thousands.

So in order to save yourself some time and if you're in a hurry to move into a new home, I suggest looking for a home that is already currently hooked up on city/public water.