There is just something really refreshing about street food that makes eating out so exciting. Although street food is illegal around here, like you know bringing out your pots of food and selling it on the corner of a street type, the many city-run farmers markets around San Luis Obispo area and the authentic little restaurant stands give the very same exciting feel.

You get to eat out on the streets or buy it and take it home while it's still piping hot. Here some of the great street food finds that we've found in the San Luis Obispo county area.

Shalimar, Indian food stand vendor, in downtown San Luis Obispo Farmers Market (weekly on Thursdays year round)

They have vegetarian options as well and your plate is packed full of flavor.

Tapatia Deli & Market in Grover Beach
Sometimes you can see them grilling in front and smell it as you're driving by. There are seatings right outside. When they have a hunk of meat cooking, you order inside and then come back out and get your food, freshly made right in front of you. It almost feels like you're going to a friend's barbeque. They are so friendly and welcoming.

Local Honey from Avila Beach Farmers Market (weekly on Fridays during the warmer months only)

The California Bee Company (CBC) is based in San Luis Obispo, California. They travel to farmers markets around here but we picked up our first eucalyptus honey from the farmers market at Avila Beach. They have a lot of different unique honey flavors like almond honey and others. It's great to pick up local honey if you tend to have seasonal allergies because it helps your system acclimate to the environment here when you are consuming honey sourced locally.

Juanita's Homemade Mexican Food in Grover Beach

Just the picture of the food says it all! Large burritos and home made tortillas made by theirs truly. They close earlier than most Mexican shops around here. They have a small store shack right in front of 7-Eleven. The only seating they have is right outside next to the parking lot on Grand Ave. It feels like street food at it's finest. Sometimes the owner loves to chat it up and it makes you feel like you've known her for years, even if it's your first time there.

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