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Playing Shop Play Win Monopoly with VONS

Posted by San Luis Obispo Mom on Friday, May 7, 2021 Under: Monopoly
Every year, I always look forward to playing Shop, Play, Win Monopoly through my local VONS. Other grocery stores like Albertsons, Tom Thumb and probably about a dozen others also participate around the U.S. This year, my store isn't doing the paper game board so everything can be claimed online. I like it better this way because I don't have to lick anything this time because they were like stamps before.

Things You Can Win
I really enjoy playing Shop, Play, Win to win freebies. I'd win free grocery items like O Organics Animal Cookies, bread crumbs, loaves of French bread, hamburger buns and other canned goods. You can also win discounts like $1, $5 or even $10 off your groceries and enter sweepstakes for thousands of dollars! I've never won any sweepstake though.

However, I broke my own record this year. I won over 80 free items from Shop, Win, Play! 36 of them are refreshe water in 16.9 oz sizes, which my local VONS does not always have them available in singles. I finally took the courage to talk to a worker there about my free waters and they were very accommodating in helping me out. She pointed me in the direction of where the single waters are and she also at that point realized that there were none. However, I know where to look now. They are near the check out stands!

Some other cool things I won this year includes: Free Kinder Joy Candy, Free Signature SELECT Aluminum Foil and Free O Organics Canned Tomatoes.

(Screenshot below is from my Account)

How to Win With Shop, Play, Win
You could win a few ways. You could win instantly by opening your ticket and you'd see a message with a code that tells you exactly what you won. If you don't win, you could get a second chance play and enter a code on the Shop, Play, Win website and try to match 3 of the same items. If you get lucky, you win that very item! So as you can see from my screenshot above from my account, I have instant wins and match 3 wins. If you win tokens, you can use those tokens to redeem particular items or enter sweepstakes so if you're super lucky, you can win any of their amazing sweepstakes, which could be vacations, money or gift cards.

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