Here are some of my favorite Pismo Beach t-shirts that you can find online for under $20 and save that energy to enjoy the ocean.


There's not a shortage of souvenir shops in Pismo Beach that sell t-shirts but it can be overwhelming to search through hundreds of them to find the right one. Upon going on a hunt to find Pismo Beach T-Shirts or 805 T-Shirts as a gift, I was getting a bit tired already after just finding a decent parking spot at the beach. I wasn't tired physically, just mentally tired. Then, stopping in one-by-one through a swarm of tourists was another obstacle. That is why I am such a happy online shopper. I'll happily go to the beach to put my feet in the sand but shopping for a t-shirt makes me a bit light-headed. 

Pismo Beach California Vacation Souvenir T-shirt Gift

Pismo Beach T-shirts that are more appropriate for kids:

More retros and other types of Pismo Beach Souvenirs:

Here are some funny, not Pismo Beach specific T-Shirts but still great:

Pro-tip: You can actually find Pismo Beach t-shirts and souvenirs at Rite Aid and CVS in the Pismo Beach or Arroyo Grande areas if you spotted one and was already nearby in the same shopping center for some reason. Sometimes they're in a rack is in the back of the store but still visible or in an odd aisle.

The great thing is you can find all of these Pismo Beach T-Shirts and souvenirs at the local drug stores that I mentioned above, beach shops in Pismo Beach or online but finding a Grover Beach T-shirt is like finding gold in the sand. I wrote a blog entry about a list of Grover Beach t-shirts that you can find online.