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Oso Flaco Lake Beach Trail Review and Pictures

Posted by San Luis Obispo Mom on Saturday, September 16, 2023 Under: Beaches

At the southern most end of San Luis Obispo County is a beach trail that goes over a lake called Oso Flaco Lake. It has a deck trail that is a mile long, easy to walk on and very scenic.

Oso Flaco Lake Deck Trail

There isn't an exact address you can find to get here but if you Google: "Oso Flake Lake Trail", it will take you there to a parking lot where you can park for free and start your hike. It's about a mile long from beginning to the end where you end up with a beautiful view of the beach and ocean. It's about a healthy 2 miles total when you walk there and back.

Ocean View from Oso Flaco Lake

When we hiked there, the beach was closed off to the public but you can still get a wonderful close view. Along the way, we saw bunnies, birds and the beautiful lake.

Oso Flaco Lake Picture

Above is the view of Oso Flaco Lake that I took while standing on a deck trail bridge. It was a really cloudy day and even sprinkled that morning and the reflection of the clouds in the lake was really gorgeous. As we were walking, we saw many helpful boards along the trail about the animals and plants we'd find along the way. There were benches scattered here and there along the way to sit and enjoy a packed snack or just take a break.

Oso Flaco Lake Entrance Sign

It was such a nice and relaxing walk and I look forward to coming back here on a sunny day. The gloomy day did not take away from the beauty of Oso Flaco Lake and the trail. I suggest wearing hiking or walking shoes and bring a bottle of water, just in case. There were portable restroom pods that you can use at the parking lot of Oso Flaco Lake Trail.

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Ever since we've moved to San Luis Obispo County and my kids started elementary school, I've been able to go hiking every week to clear my mind. Even if the sun seems mild, it's good to have sunscreen, a pair of sunglasses and a sun hat to protect your skin. Going hiking or on a beach is a great way to improve your mood and get a bit of exercise.

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