I ordered 2 sports bras from Macys.com on June 11, 2020 (over a month ago) and my package has not arrived yet. This is crazy.

I was expecting it to be maybe 2 weeks delayed because of the Covid-19 pandemic but over a month? I tried calling Macy's customer service toll free line separate times on 2 different dates but no one picked up when the automated line transferred me to a customer service representative. No customer service personnel right now guys! They are MIA. I am assuming that their customer service call center is overseas and they are probably shut down from Covid-19 or maybe Macy's is going out of business? I have no idea! I wanted to write about this to warn you guys. If you plan on ordering something online from Macy's, allot at least a month. 

I have my tracking number and at first, it looks like it was shipped via UPS, then transferred to USPS. It was like in the LA area for about 3 weeks, not moving. I thought maybe the package is lost. See my tracking progress in the image below. It says, it is finally expected to be delivered tomorrow on July 12, 2020 BUT, my original estimated delivery arrival was June 19, 2020. Who knows! I guess it's the USPS' fault but not being able to get a hold of a person from Macy's customer service toll free line is troubling. I attempted to call USPS' number too tonight and then realized there was finally movement when I went on the USPS tracking link again. I've had an online order delivered to a wrong address because of the delivery's person mistake before and so I truly thought this one was long-gone to someone in a different city. I live in San Luis Obispo County and Santa Barbara County is the next county over so it looks like it is making its way...

Wish me luck, guys! This mama needs new sports bras and if it actually comes tomorrow, I'll update this blog entry with a status update. Macy's customer service line is unreachable right now. Make your online orders from a different website or you may lose your money if something is really wrong with your order.

UPDATE: My Macy's package finally arrived!