Happy 2021! We're still under a stay at home order in our county and the public schools are also still distance learning from home, although we're still in Winter Break until January 11, 2020.

It's been cloudy so far for 2021 and it feels like winter, but nothing like the East Coast's winter. When we used to live on the East Coast, there were many days where it was below freezing! We don't have that here and we're thankful for it. All of the restaurants are only outdoor dining or to-go so no one is allowed to dine inside right now. Masks are mandatory for being outside, stay 6 feet apart and don't gather in large groups with other people who don't live with you. Those are the basic rules and I think people are definitely following orders now. Compared to Thanksgiving, our New Year's was quiet around the neighborhood. We have younger neighbors close by who usually have parties with other young folk and they didn't have one so that was a good sign. 

Stay safe, everyone. Just endure this for the next few months while the vaccines are making their rounds. Get through this and hopefully by summer, we'll have a more normal. God bless.