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How to Fix Up Your California Home for Sale

Posted by on Tuesday, October 22, 2019

How to Fix Up Your California Home for Sale

If you're selling your home in California, perhaps putting it up on the Sacramento real estate market, you'll want to maximize your profit for future investment. California homes are highly sought after, but to list at the highest possible price, you should make some upgrades and fix anything that needs fixing before your house goes on the market. 

These are just a few ideas for fixing up your California home for sale.


Buyers appreciate good flooring. If you have outdated, dirty carpets; scuffed, creaky wood floors; or tile that is in desperate need of a deep grout cleaning, consider fixing them up or replacing them entirely. Wood floors increase a home’s value. Buyers actually prefer wood throughout common areas and carpet in the bedrooms. If your home already has wood floors, but it’s in bad shape, hire professionals to refinish it for you. Carpeting should be washed or replaced entirely. While tile flooring is a nice alternative to wood, it must be in tip-top shape. Professional tile and grout cleaners are available to do the job for you and you’re likely to be surprised at what a difference it makes when comparing the before and after.


The average price to paint the interior of a house is between $3 and $4 per square foot when you include ceilings and baseboards. Considering the median home in California sells for $321 per square foot, that's a fairly cheap price. Fresh paint makes any home look cleaner and more up-to-date. You will likely be able to sell for more and your home may spend less time on the market. Be sure to choose neutral colors that every buyer can appreciate. Avoid dark colors and accent walls.

You may also want to consider painting the exterior. If your home is fairly new, it may only need a power wash to bring the color back to life.

Kitchen Remodel

Although the kitchen is the most expensive room to remodel, it also brings the greatest return on investment. Buyers want granite countertops, large farmhouse-type sinks, and new stainless steel appliances. If you can’t afford a full remodel, replace the most outdated items. Adding a backsplash and replacing countertops is fairly inexpensive compared to updating every detail. Oak cabinets can easily be updated with a coat of paint and new fixtures. 


Every homeowner appreciates good lighting, and the right lighting can also make your home look more spacious. Recessed or canned lights are very popular and provide a clear ceiling line, better light distribution, and a minimalist style. Update or add modern fixtures in the dining room and entryway to your home, such as a chandelier, pendant light, or ceiling light. 

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