Hey Transplant Mom,

I understand your pain, uncertainty and a bit of emptiness as you wait by the gate to retrieve your child and hear a group of moms chatting it up. You think, "I'm just going to focus on my child" but deep down, you wish to be in that conversation. The way they wave to each other and go on outings together to talk about mom life is something you only get to do via zoom with your close friends from a distance. That group over there is maybe an established group that took a few years of growth or maybe less, but it took a good leader.

You've only lived here for a little while, still acclimating to everything while adjusting to the pandemic life. One adaptation to another, you reflect back to think of the all things you've achieved while you're away from your close friends hours away, states away or even countries away. I get you. I am a transplant mom. Friendships take time. If you're an introvert like me, then it'll take a lot of time!

So, how do I get around to coping with the thought of wishing my bestest friends live close to me? I created a blog. This one to be exact. I went exploring with my kids and focused all that energy on them, playing with them and being a kid again. What I lack, I made it up in other areas or at least I try to. I started joining in educational zoom meetings versus scrolling through social media feeds. I'd post content but not look at others' content. I did more creating and less observing. I took more pictures of my scenery, picked up hobbies like learning how to sew a fabric mask. (See blog entry here to see the masks I created.) And it's because I had more time to be creative and kind of learn about what I'm good at. Sometimes I think the reason why I have a great relationship with my husband and 2 kids is because I spend less time complaining about them (mainly because I have no one to complain to) so I tackle issues head on!  And I'm just trying to live the best life that I can with the circumstances that we have.

So what are you good at, or want to be good at? Start there and maybe with what you're good at, you can find others who share the same hobbies. Or maybe you'll become so good at something and it makes you so happy that it has filled a void in your life? So let's think about it. If you're not sure what you're good at, then what is your favorite hobby and when was the last time you were hobbying? Let's start creating something soon. And if you're braver and wiser than me, you can be the leader and build your own mom group.


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