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Bite-Sized Pumpkin Pie Recipe

Posted by San Luis Obispo Mom on Saturday, November 19, 2022 Under: Recipes

After my pumpkin muffins (see this pumpkin muffin recipe) were a hit at my husband's work, I decided to try a bite-sized pumpkin pie recipe so that I can send another finger-food treat while they're hard at work. I felt that the pumpkin muffins were a hit, partly because it was easy to eat with your hands. So, I think these bite-sized pumpkin pies will be great for the workplace too.
(picture of my bite-sized pumpkin pies)

My kids got to be my first tasters and enjoyed these bite-sized "baby" pumpkin pies! Here are the recipes below.

I separated the recipes into two: a crust recipe and then the filling recipe.

Crust Recipe

If you plan on buying pre-made pie crust from the store, you can skip this part and scroll down to the Pumpkin Pie Filling Recipe.

I created my pumpkin pie crust from scratch using this recipe that I found online: but in case that website is ever down, here is the recipe for the crust: 

  • 1 1/4 cups of all purpose flour
  • 1/4 teaspoon of salt
  • 10 tablespoons of unsalted butter
  • 2 - 5 tablespoons of water (depending on how many it takes to form the right texture)


  1. Unlike the recipe link, I don't have a food processor so I just mixed the flour with the salt with a whisk in a bowl. 
  2. Then, I cut the unsalted butter into half inch pieces and incorporated the butter into the flour mix with a fork. 
  3. After the butter has been incorporated well, I added a few tablespoons of water until it was just moist enough to hold the dough together. When I did this, it took 4 tablespoons of water for me that day. You may need less than that. I divided the dough in half and formed discs for both halves. I put 1 in the fridge to save for later and only used the other half because that was all I needed to fill 24 muffin cups. I have two muffin pans that have 12 muffin cups in each pan.

Pumpkin Pie Filling Recipe

(forming the crust before the filling)

Before starting the filling, I had to do the most time-consuming part: shape each little pumpkin pie crusts for each muffin cup. I used a rolling pin to roll the dough out and used the top of a plastic kid's cup (about 2.5 inches in diameter) to cut out small circles. The dough was as thin as I could get it without breaking as I find that if it's too thick, the filling and crust ratio will be unbalanced for a nice pumpkin pie bite. After my crusts have been formed and are all inside of both of my muffin pans, I put them in the fridge to chill. Now, I can start putting the filling ingredients together.

See filling recipe list below:

  1. First, I pre-heated the oven for 400 degrees Fahrenheit to start warming up the oven. 
  2. Next, I mixed the brown sugar, pumpkin pie spice and salt in a bowl with a whisk. 
  3. Then, I mixed the pumpkin with 3/4 cups of evaporated milk in the blender because I actually use a thawed out pre-frozen roasted pumpkin and hadn't pureed it yet. 
  4. After that has been blended, I added the pumpkin puree that has the evaporated milk to the bowl that already had the sugar, spice and salt. 
  5. I added the egg to the bowl and then whisked it all together until it was all combined.
  6. Once combined, I took the muffin pans with the formed crusts out of the refrigerator to start filling. I used a tablespoon measuring spoon to scoop 1 tablespoon pumpkin pie filling to each cup. If any of the crust has room, I put another quarter or half tablespoon in. Make sure, you don't fill the filling higher than the crust as that would create a burnt area when it's on the oven. 
  7. Once the oven is at 400 degrees Fahrenheit, I put both muffin pans into the oven and made sure there is space in between the pans so that they are not touching and the hot air can circulate. I also made sure there is space on the sides so the pans are not touching the walls of the oven so that the hot air can circulate around there as well. 
  8. I baked for 18 minutes and then pulled them out of the oven to cool down for 10 minutes. Then, I removed them gently from the pans and kept them out until they've completed cooled down. When they have completely cooled down, I put them in the fridge to store until my husband brings them to work that very night. To my preference, I liked eating these bite sized pumpkin pie warm so after it cooled down for 10 minutes, my son and I started devouring a couple.
The uniqueness of the bite-sized pumpkin pies that are seldomly seen in the supermarkets of this size is enough to encourage me to make this again in the future. See my video reel of these bite size pumpkin pies on my instagram

I've baked a gluten-free vegan pumpkin pie before. See this gluten-free vegan pumpkin pie recipe.

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