As the Covid-19 restrictions are lessen, being out and about for Father's Day is very doable. Here are some ideas on what to do around San Luis Obispo County that will not break the bank and help make it a memorable day. Have your masks handy while roaming throughout the county as a small number of business do ask you to still wear it.

  1. Avila Valley Barn - Open every day from 10AM - 6PM, Avila Valley Barn has a storefront that is considered a grocery store so they have remained open during the pandemic. You can feed the animals, walk around the farm and buy some local goods. Parking is always free so you can just stroll around without spending a buck, unless you want to buy some food for the goats. Address: 560 Avila Beach Drive San Luis Obispo, CA 93405

  2. Beach Day at Pismo Beach - The beaches are open here in San Luis Obispo County, including our most popular one, Pismo Beach. As a local, I still love coming to this beach because there are so many restaurants nearby. I love seeing visitors come here and enjoying my county. Some of the restaurants offer clam chowder, sandwiches and ethnic cuisines so the choices are plenty. Parking can be difficult but if you don't mind walking a few blocks away, it is very doable.

  3. Monarch Butterfly Grove (Grover Beach to Pismo Beach) - Monarch Butterfly Grove is a state park so it's open year round and always a big tourist spot. I come here for the trails behind it and I suggest everyone to take advantage of it. You can get to the ocean this way! It is such a beautiful walk through the trails but it's not very accessible for the disabled. However, the main Butterfly Grove area is spacious and allows room for those who need accessibility and strollers. You can also get to Monarch Butterfly Grove from the Grover Beach side off of Grand Avenue using the Meadows Trail.

  4. Creek Walk Stroll in Downtown - Whenever we are in downtown San Luis Obispo, we try to walk through it via the creek walk that's adjacent to Higuera St. It's a very easy walk and it actually goes right under the Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa Church, a famous landmark, as well. It's a very peaceful walk and you can get to so many other businesses by going up and down the creek, as an alternative route to the busy road.

  5. See our Family-Friend Things To Do page to see upcoming events in San Luis Obispo County.