You're going to discover a hidden secret if you stumble onto this post. As a local, I've discovered that you can actually walk down from Spyglass Park but don't stop once you get all the way down. If the tides are not too high, you can curve around the bluffs to the right and find a small tiny beach! Now all of this is risky so I don't advise you to do it if the winds, weather and tides are not in your favor. I've seen a few guys with coolers traveling around those rocky trails down and then disappear around the corner. 
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The very first time I went to Spyglass Park was to take my kids to the new playground structure that they have just replaced there. The view is fantastic as I'm watching the kids. It's an amazing backdrop. After I brought my husband here for our second visit, I asked him to watch the kids while I try to hike down to get a closer glimpse of the view from down there. 

You can also find surfers along here. 

Address: 2549 Spyglass Drive, Pismo Beach, CA 93449
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