A couple of my friends had both shots of the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine and they told me that besides a sore arm, they didn't have any other symptoms. I wasn't so lucky.

Yesterday morning, I went to my appointment to get my second Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine. I felt great until maybe 8 hours later, my left arm (where they gave me the shot) started getting sore. No big deal. I felt like that was very bearable. I went to bed and then, the next morning, I felt more than just a sore arm. I got the chills! 

At 8:30AM this morning, I decided to shower to see if I would feel better. I started getting kind of tired and a couple of hours after that, I started getting a splitting headache as well. I've never had a migraine before but this splitting headache was something I've never experienced before so maybe I had begun an onset of migraines! I'm in my late 30s, female and haven't gotten sick in probably 4 years. My body has been going baloney all day long.

After doing some googling, a few sites mentioned that women typically get more side effects than men after getting the second shot for Pfizer. The bright side is, if I'm getting symptoms, then my body is fighting like it should and creating anti-bodies that will protect me against future infections.

In the afternoon was when I was feeling my worst. My husband offered me 2 ibuprofen pills, which I hesitated at first but since my headache was bothering me, I took 1. I think that was not a good idea. Maybe it would've been better to let my symptoms run its course.

Update: Thankfully, I felt much better 2 days after the shot.

Now, that many SLO County adults are fully vaccinated, the county is seeing more people without masks outside. Everyone in the grocery stores still wears their masks.