A new hobby that I picked up after I became a mom is finding old furniture and turning them into newly painted gems. I've experimented with spray paint and hand paint but now, I'm sticking to just hand painting because you have better control and it's less wasteful and more environmentally-friendly.

I found this faded brown nightstand on the curb after someone posted it on craigslist.org for free. They didn't ask me to contact them so it was a first come, first serve situation and provided an address. Within 10 minutes of finding the post, I went ahead and drove to their curb and lo and behold, someone has not picked it up yet. To me, this is treasure, free treasure. There's been times where someone has gotten to it before me so it always makes me so happy when I actually get to take it home! 

My favorite colors to paint furniture with are charcoal gray or light gray. For this nightstand, I chose light gray and used a bottle of chalk paint that I already had at home from another project. I originally bought it from WalMart; brand is Waverly. The name of this particular color is 'mineral'. 

Here are the before pictures:

Here are the after pictures after two coats of chalk paint: 

I used a pretty sticky lining pattern to line the drawers. This particular white/gray floral pattern is very sentimental to me. This is the same lining I used for the cabinets and drawers for the house we used to live in South Carolina before we moved to SLO. 

To read more about my usual process when painting furniture and the cost of my painting supplies, go to this entry: http://www.sanluisobispomom.com/blog/before-and-after-with-chalk-paint.

Suggested Supplies you can find online: