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MilkT Society Boba Shop in Pismo Beach Review

Posted by on Wednesday, May 11, 2022 Under: Boba
Milk T Society Special Boba Drink
Located on the corner of HWY 1 & Hinds Ave. in Pismo Beach is a newer boba shop named MilkT Society. I tried their boba for the first time today, on their opening day!

I was anxious and excited! Their sign wasn't up yet at the time nor was their kitchen ready but I already liked the decor of it inside. I ordered the Black Tea with boba while my husband ordered the Iced Vietnamese Coffee with boba. (Update: I came back a couple of weeks later to try the blush matcha as pictured below and the Milk T Special which is the first boba drink at the top.)

MilkT Society has some board games available for you to borrow to play with your party while you're there. We played Jenga and Penguin Game. What's really unique about Milk T Society is that they have themed events and you can see their decorations from the aftermath of these events if you happen to come some days later, which I really enjoy seeing every time I visit.

I spotted a cut out of Jungkook during my more recent visit while I was studying there. See my instagram video reel of the Jungkook cut-out that I saw when I was at MilkT Society to study. 

See another instagram video reel of my healthy walk on the beach motivated by getting a nice, cold boba tea on a hot day from MilkT Society in Pismo Beach.

MilkT Society Address: 590 Dolliver St, Pismo Beach, CA 93449

Another Boba Shop Down the Street, Fay's Fusion

I've been loyal to Fay's Fusion (read more about Fay's Fusion), a boba place just down the street from MilkT Society, but since Fay's Fusion is only open in the evenings, I'm glad I can resort to MilkT Society for my day time fix!

A picture I took while sitting under Fay's Fusion's awning, waiting for my drinks while looking towards the ocean's direction in Pismo Beach is below:

Another Boba Shop in the Outskirt of Pismo Beach, PCH Shave Ice & Boba

Pismo Beach is really on a roll with openings of boba shops, PCH Shave Ice & Boba also opened in the same year as MilkT Society Boba Shop. Read about my review of PCH Shave Ice & Boba in this blog post link 

See an extensive list of boba shops that I've tried in Pismo Beach and throughout San Luis Obispo County.

See pictures on my instagram @sanluisobispomom.

I've made boba at home before! It's surprisingly easy to make. It's just time consuming. Read about how I made my own boba from scratch.

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