I love the fall season when the pumpkin patches are open and I can order a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks. I enjoy the cooler weather and how traffic is less around here from the summer travelers. Don't get me wrong. I love how our county attracts a lot of tourists and seeing happy people enjoying their vacations. I just don't like the car traffic that I have to endure to get around.

Around fall, many farms around here start planning really fun harvest events and pumpkin patches. (See my video reel at a beautiful pumpkin patch in San Luis Obispo.) Especially with kids, I enjoy the fall and Halloween season very much as they allow me to make fun memories that I didn't have the privilege to make when I was a kid. One thing about fall though that I dread and that is they almost always get sick right before or right after Halloween!

There is the mix of awesomeness and worry with fall. It's a very eventful season, especially around SLO County. However, I can't help but feel so bad for my little ones as the weather gets colder and they get sick. Sometimes we'd just be cooped up instead of going out and about. And for me, I'm okay with being cooped up and staying put when I need to because I get to recharge my battery at home.

With the exception of 2020, the first year of the pandemic, I could always assume that one or both of my kids would get sick and that I'd need to get ready to wash 3 or 4 loads of laundry every day as they get over it. Why so much laundry? Well, they'd get so sick that sometimes, I can't catch it all with a bag, if you know what I mean! Especially when they are bedridden, they can't run to the toilet fast enough or at all! It's one of the few times that I'm glad that I hoarded all of my old bed sheets. They come in handy this time of year! Because we were under stay at home orders starting March 2020 and throughout the holidays, we didn't go anywhere. No school, no events and no family visits so my kids were actually really healthy in 2020. 

Nonetheless, if the kids are not sick right before Halloween this year, I plan on taking them trick or treating on Halloween Day. There's a list of a week long of trick or treating opportunities throughout San Luis Obispo County this year. See the list of 10 family-friendly Halloween events on this link. It's nice to see that this year is getting more normal but still not completely normal, of course.

It's been a really fun season this year. We visited 2 pumpkin patches this fall season so far for 2021. See our video reels on my SanLuisObispoMom instagram handle:
Video reel of our visit to the pumpkin patch at SLO Creek Farms
Video reel of our visit to the pumpkin patch at Tar Creek Ranch